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Elanco digs in for future growth

Elanco digs in for future growth

It is one of the smallest units at Eli Lilly and Co., accounting for only 5 cents of every $1 the company rings up worldwide each year.

But the Indianapolis drug maker has high hopes for Elanco, its animal health unit, which makes growth hormones for dairy cows, muscle boosters for beef cattle, separation-anxiety medicine for dogs and a host of other products.

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Pneumonia can cost much more than just treating your sick cattle

Pneumonia can cost much more than just treating your sick cattle

Herald Scotland

Rog Wood

When pneumonia strikes cattle and they start showing visible symptoms, irreversible damage to their lungs and potential growth setbacks can only be avoided by treating animals with an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory.

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Farming not appealing to younger generations

Farming not appealing to younger generations

Marie Pollock

The Airdrie Echo

Wyatt Hanson has lived on his family farm all his life. And, like many young farmers, he once entertained the idea of someday taking over the family business.

However, with it becoming harder and harder for farmers to earn a living, Hanson said he has since changed his mind about having a future as a farmer, and has started looking to international business instead.

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Pushing U.S. Beef Into Asian Markets

Pushing U.S. Beef Into Asian Markets

Senator Mike Johanns (R-Neb.), along with Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) introduced a Senate Resolution today urging China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico and Vietnam to follow international guidelines and provide full market access to all U.S. beef products.

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Bovine Trichomoniasis Update Talk to Your Veterinarian, Test Your Herd

Bovine Trichomoniasis Update Talk to Your Veterinarian, Test Your Herd

Recorder Online

Lakewood, Colo. – The Colorado Department of Agriculture reminds cattle owners to test their herd for Bovine Trichomoniasis.

“Testing and monitoring herds for trichomoniasis is the best method of controlling this infection, ” said State Veterinarian, Dr. Keith Roehr. “Cattle owners should talk to their veterinarian to determine the best management practices for their herd. ”

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Tour gives an inside look at beef farming

Tour gives an inside look at beef farming

Holly Toal

The Journal-Register

Happy cows don’t come only from California. Some local farmers have spent years raising happy cattle designed specifically for consumption.

As National Beef Month nears an end, members of the New York Beef Industry Council completed a beef farm tour that aimed to educate people across the state on how beef cattle are raised. The Western New York leg of the tour brought them to SK Herefords on Ryan Road in Medina on Wednesday, where David Schubel and Phil and Dawn Keppler calve up to 300 cows every spring on approximately 800 acres of pasture.

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NDSU Beef Faculty Candidates to Hold Seminars

NDSU Beef Faculty Candidates to Hold Seminars

The public can provide input on candidates for an NDSU beef production systems faculty position.

Beef producers and others in the beef industry will have an opportunity to provide input to help fill a beef production systems faculty position in North Dakota State University’s Animal Sciences Department.

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