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Animal welfare legislation introduced into Congress

Animal welfare legislation introduced into Congress


Farm & Ranch Guide

In early March a bill was introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives that was, according to sponsoring Representatives, designed to promote the well-being of farm animals by requiring federal agencies to procure food products derived from animals that were raised under conditions free from cruelty and abuse.

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E.U. Push on Animal Welfare May Open New Trade Front With U.S.

E.U. Push on Animal Welfare May Open New Trade Front With U.S.

The Westerner

One of the first things the European Union’s new health and consumer affairs commissioner did after taking office was to approve the planting of a genetically modified potato in Europe — riling environmentalists but giving hope to U.S. officials that an end to a long trade dispute over biotech crops might be in sight. But John Dalli, who began his first official visit to Washington on Monday, may open a new, potentially disruptive front: animal welfare.

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Pollan and Hurst Debate the Future of Agriculture

Pollan and Hurst Debate the Future of Agriculture

Iowa Public Television

Claiming that high-calorie school lunches pose a threat to national security, a group of retired military officers advocated for passage of a nutrition bill that aims to make the cafeteria food healthier.

The officers say 9 million young adults, or 27 percent of all Americans ages 17 to 24, are too fat to join the military. And the group, which calls itself, "Mission Readiness" is calling on Congress to mandate more rigorous nutrition standards for school lunches.

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Cattle Feeders College to be held

Cattle Feeders College to be held

Cattle Business Weekly

The first-ever K-State Cattle Feeders College will be held in two locations -May 12 in Cimarron, Kan. and May 13 in Scott City, Kan.

The program at both locations will be from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and will feature the same schedule. Attendance is free and a complimentary meal, sponsored by Intervet Schering Plough Animal Health and Walco International, Inc., will be provided but participants must register by May 7.

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University Farm tasks give valuable experiences

University Farm tasks give valuable experiences

Jennifer Lewis

Truman State Index

The calves might be taken on by Truman’s Beef Cattle Show Team, be sold at livestock auctions or become part of the herd as a breeding cow or a bull. One steer, Bubba, is a research and outreach tool. He is fistulated, which means he has a rubber portal in his side where people can reach into his stomach and analyze the digesting material or the inhabiting bacteria and protozoa.

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Cattle Feeding: Make Better Use Of Available Forage

Cattle Feeding: Make Better Use Of Available Forage

With the cost of fertilizer and equipment increasing, it is important that minimal forage is wasted by cattle. With a little extra expense and labor, beef producers can make better use of available pastures.

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Steve Cornett:  Calvinball and Customs

Steve Cornett:  Calvinball and Customs

Beef Today

We got a news release last week from R-CALF USA in which they argue that, by considering a regional Foot and Mouth differentiation in Brazil,

“USDA is engaged in a high-risk and dangerous exercise of granting undeserved deference to the OIE (World Organization for Animal Health), making optimistic conclusions when faced with scientific uncertainty, and acting in a reactionary manner following the occurrence of FMD outbreaks rather than exercising precaution to protect U.S. livestock from the introduction of FMD.”

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