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It happened to Brett, a country boy in college on a rodeo scholarship.  His folks sent him off to college in a well-used 3/4 ton pickup with mud and snows and a grill that looked like the gate on a Russian prison, a 16’ stock trailer the color of camouflage, and an antique gas-stingy hatchback coupe.

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Steve Cornett:  Golden Rule Foolish on Beef Trade?

Steve Cornett:  Golden Rule Foolish on Beef Trade?

Beef Today

If we followed the golden rule in international trade, there would be less outcry from cattle producers about the Administration’s decision to declare the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina free of foot and mouth disease and potentially eligible to ship beef and pork to the U.S.

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Beef Improvement Federation Announces 2010 Gateway to Profit Conference

Beef Improvement Federation Announces 2010 Gateway to Profit Conference

One of the year’s most thought-provoking and innovative programs in beef genetics offers veterinarians the opportunity to learn more about the value of genetic evaluation to overall beef production.

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Understanding How Cattle Think

Understanding How Cattle Think


Handling cattle can be a challenge under the best of circumstances, but those who do, from cow-calf producer to feedlot cowboy to livestock hauler, will find that the better they understand how cattle think as animals of prey, the better they will be at enhancing cattle health and performance, said veterinarian Tom Noffsinger.

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Should I Creep My Calves?

Should I Creep My Calves?

Dr. Rick Rasby, Professor of Animal Science, Animal Science, University of Nebraska

This is a question that is commonly asked as producers try to line up spring and summers management considerations, budgets, and calf marketing options. The primary objective of this management practice is to put additional weight on the calf before weaning without making the calves fleshy, especially if sold at weaning. Fleshy calves are discounted in market price.

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McDonald’s Not Biting on PETA Proposal

McDonald’s Not Biting on PETA Proposal

Hoosier AG Today

  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals holds 79 shares of McDonald’s stock. That’s enough to permit PETA to propose to the McDonald’s board that it require its suppliers to switch to controlled-atmosphere killing of chickens within 5 years.

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New Organic Pasture Rule May Not Apply to Beef Cattle

New Organic Pasture Rule May Not Apply to Beef Cattle

Kansas Farmer

The new USDA organic pasture rule strengthening the requirement for grazing and pasturing livestock may not apply to beef cattle and other ruminants in meat production. In fact, the USDA’s National Organic Program is seeking comments from farmers and consumers on a proposal to allow some level of confinement in feedlots for, as an example, organic beef cattle during the last four months of their lives during the "finishing" period prior to slaughter (when industry standards would feed them mostly grain/corn).

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