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Video Feature: Purdue Beef Unit to Host Showcase and Sale

Video Feature:  Purdue Beef Unit to Host Showcase and Sale

Beef producers can learn about some of the latest production tools and methods at Purdue University’s Beef Unit Showcase and Production Sale. The second annual event will be April 17 at the Purdue Animal Science Research and Education Center Beef Unit near West Lafayette. The event begins at 9 a.m. and will feature several programs highlighting recent research and tips for success in beef management.

Author Michael Pollan to speak on the ‘drama on your plate’

Author Michael Pollan to speak on the ‘drama on your plate’

Kelly Folkers


Humans need over 100 food compounds to be healthy, yet three crops dominate the American diet. Corn, wheat and soy comprise approximately 80 percent of Americans’ diet, and author Michael Pollan has some problems with that.

"Humans are omnivores and need to eat a variety of different things," said Pollan, a food expert and the author of the bestselling books In Defense of Food and The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Pollan, who considers himself a nature writer, will speak in Swasey Chapel on April 14 at 8 p.m. as the closing speaker for this year’s campus theme of consumption.

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Reviving The Romance Of Rural Practice

Reviving The Romance Of Rural Practice

Bovine Veterinarian

Mist softens the wide green horizons at midmorning on the Blue River Cattle family farm in southeastern Nebraska.

The owner whistles as he herds cows through a chute, gates clanging between animals as they head toward the stall at the end. There, Dr. Ronald D. Wallman stands with his left arm shoulder deep in the rectum of a cow.

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Beef Center Needs Survey Participants for Ethanol Co-Product Research

Beef Center Needs Survey Participants for Ethanol Co-Product Research

Wallace’s Farmer

Researchers at the Iowa Beef Center at Iowa State University want to help cattle producers use ethanol coproducts more efficiently and effectively as a cattle feed. And they need the help of cattle producers to do that.

"Beef producers can be part of ISU research and make important contributions to the beef industry by participating in a short survey related to ethanol coproduct feeding practices, feedlot incidences of PEM disease and other dietary factors," says Mary Drewnoski.

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I Remember When… Communication is headed in a different direction.

I Remember When… Communication is headed in a different direction.

J. Neil Orth, Executive Vice President, American International Charolais Assn.

There was a time, when one reached a certain age, recalling the past regarding something that had become antiquated, meant many years. Like generations or decades or even a century. Today, everything moves at warp speed. Particularly, our communication methods are moving at frighteningly fast speeds.

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Budget Cuts Force Belt Tightening at Indiana Extension

Budget Cuts Force Belt Tightening at Indiana Extension

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

A tight State budget and limited county resources are combining to put the financial squeeze on Indiana‘s Cooperative Extension Service. Last week Purdue officials announced major budget cuts for 2010, but Director of Extension Dr. Chuck Hibberd says the cuts are not as bad as what other states have been facing, “We actually feel fortunate that we are not seeing the kinds of cuts taking place in other states.” He said Extension is facing a 6% budget reduction for 2010.

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Mobile slaughterhouse saving W. Washington farms

Mobile slaughterhouse saving W. Washington farms


Seattle Post Intelligencer

Cheryl Ouellette has a dream about meat – real meat, local meat, and how meat can save the family farm.

Known as the "Pig Lady" for the swine she nurtures at her Summit-area farm, Ouellette is the source and the force for the first mobile meat-processing unit in Pierce County.

She is project manager for the Puget Sound Meat Producers Cooperative, which runs the traveling slaughterhouse.

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White House Presses Japan to Reopen Market to U.S. Beef

White House Presses Japan to Reopen Market to U.S. Beef


New York TImes

The Obama administration is stepping up pressure on Japan to reopen its market to American beef, in hopes of helping ranchers and meatpackers gain full access to what was once their most lucrative market.

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San Mateo County ranchers feed growing demand for grass-fed beef

San Mateo County ranchers feed growing demand for grass-fed beef

Julia Scott

San Mateo County Times

It’s easy to see who really runs the ranch at Markegard Family Grass-Fed when you crest the rutted driveway and the cows in the road refuse to move out of the way.

The Markegard family’s 250 cows, steers, calves and yearlings live lives of total freedom, with nothing to do but wander around and graze hundreds of acres of lush grassland, reproduce, and take in the views of the ocean from their idyllic domain 800 feet above sea level.

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Certified Cattle Bring Higher Proteins To Ranchers

Certified Cattle Bring Higher Proteins To Ranchers


A relatively simple procedure that verifies where and when cattle are born could allow ranchers in southern Illinois to trade lower commodity prices for higher premiums according to a recent research project conducted at the University of Illinois.

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Send Out The Clowns

Send Out The Clowns

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

Everybody loves a clown, right? Well, actually, no. When they were young, none of my children were particularly interested in clowns unless they were passing out candy or making balloon animals. Now there is a group of adults who are not enamored with one particular clown, and they are calling for his retirement. Corporate Accountability International, a self-appointed consumer watchdog group who feel it is their business to tell companies what to do and to tell us what we can eat, has decided that Ronald McDonald is a bad influence and has to go.

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Cow Herd Performance and Profitability: Measuring How You Stack Up

Cow Herd Performance and Profitability: Measuring How You Stack Up

Dr. Scott P. Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, VA Tech

The arrival of April is often much anticipated, as it typically signals the start of grass season and relief from the challenges of winter.  The date of April 15 takes on a special connotation thanks to the IRS, and is likely not met with the same enthusiasm for most of us.

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Tennessee Cattle Inventory Rebounds

Tennessee Cattle Inventory Rebounds

Dr. Emmit Rawls

University of Tennessee

Cattle and calves on Tennessee farms totaled 2.04 million head an increase of  3 percent over January, 2009.  A year ago the inventory was 1,980,000 head, the lowest since 1961. The U.S. cattle inventory was one percent smaller compared to a year ago according to the National Agricultural Statistics Tennessee Field Office. Tennessee’s beef cow herd at 997,000 was up 5 percent, while beef replacement heifers were up 13 percent.

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Governor Announces Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board Appointments

Governor Announces Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board Appointments

Bovine Veterinarian

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland today announced appointments to the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board. In addition to the Governor’s 10 appointments, Ohio Department of Agriculture Director Robert Boggs serves on the 13-member board, as well a selection from both the House Speaker and Senate President.

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Watching out for the Beef Industry

Watching out for the Beef Industry

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

Over the past decade, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has become a power player – and headline grabber – in the animal rights industry. The name of their organization suggests that they are affiliated with local humane societies and pet shelters – and that’s exactly what they want people to assume.

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