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Video Feature: Purdue Block and Bridle Sponsors 2nd annual “Golden Girls Sale”

The Purdue University Block & Bridle Club would like to personally invite you to the second Annual Purdue Beef Unit Showcase & Production Sale! It is with great excitement that the Block & Bridle Club and the Beef Team welcome producers, Alumni and special guests to the Purdue Beef Unit on Saturday, April 17, 2010.

Penn State Students Host 4th Annual Meat-In-Day

Penn State Students Host 4th Annual Meat-In-Day


In keeping with tradition, Penn State students in the College of Agricultural Sciences once again joined forces to put on a showing of their support for animal agriculture. This year marked the 4th anniversary of Meat-In Day, an event originally started by Penn State alumnus and former National Beef Ambassador Chris Molinaro (the National Beef Ambassador Team is funded in part by the beef checkoff).

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Handling System is the Heart of this Cattle Farm

Handling System is the Heart of this Cattle Farm

Boyd Kidwell

Angus Journal

Wester Farm of Louisburg, N.C., has earned a reputation for selling big, healthy calves that climb off a truck and head straight to the feedbunk. To make the farm’s preconditioning operation efficient, Len Wester designed a handling system as the heart of his cow-calf operation.

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John Harrington: DeHaven Rethinks Cattle Branding

John Harrington: DeHaven Rethinks Cattle Branding


Several weeks ago, I blogged on Dr. Ron DeHaven’s criticism of the USDA’s decision to abandon the National Animal Identification Program (see S&C for March 11, “Reopening the ID Can of Worms”).

As the chief executive officer of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), DeHaven makes a convincing case for the real need for mandatory animal ID for purposes of tracking and managing contagious diseases. Yet in working his argument, DeHaven took an all too broad swipe at the usefulness of branding, calling it an “ancient technology” of unimaginable use in a modern tracing system.

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Animal ID needs to move forward

Animal ID needs to move forward

 Rod Smith


Kicking off species-by-species animal identification and traceability comments, Kelli Ludlum of the American Farm Bureau Federation, representing the beef cattle industry, referred to the "12 principles" that a coalition of cattle industry organizations developed earlier this year that would be necessary for them to support animal identification (Feedstuffs, Jan. 25).

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Does My Heifer have BRD?

Does My Heifer have BRD?

Dan Goehl, DVM

Beef Today

A Reader asks:

I have a black angus heifer who is sick. She will not get up as a I approach her, she just lays there. I literally have to pick her up to get her to stand. I noticed that when she stands, she is rocking/sways as she takes some breathes. I have been giving her penicillin and treating as if she has pneumonia. Last night I noticed her eyes had some cold build up and a little drainage from her nose. One local farmer said I should expect to lose her, he said she sounds like one sick girl.

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Vilsack to urge Japan to improve beef trade

Vilsack to urge Japan to improve beef trade

Delta Farm Press

In early April, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack will head to Japan in an effort to bolster and open agricultural markets. When it comes to the Japanese beef market, he will be navigating a difficult path of cultural differences and a rancorous recent history.

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