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In the fall of 2008, before the election, as the recession crashed down around us I gave up on politics.  It appeared that no one on either side, on Wall Street, in Detroit or in the media had a clue.

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Indiana Sets the Standard on Animal Care

Indiana Sets the Standard on Animal Care

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

In Ohio, Michigan, and several other states, the issue of who should set the standards for animal care is a controversial battle between farmers and radical animal rights groups. But in Indiana the issue has been settled without a fight and may set the slandered for the rest of the nation.

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CattleSense: Feeding The Immune System

CattleSense: Feeding The Immune System

Bovine Veternarian

We intuitively know we want healthy herds. Disease prevention is not only basic to animal welfare, it also carries economic value. Performance (rate and composition of growth and reproductive efficiency) is driven by chronologic age, physiologic age, nutrient intake, hormone status, net tissue turnover, cell numbers, and cell activity. . . and disease can negatively impact all of these except chronologic age.

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Col. Ray Sims to Receive Saddle and Sirloin Honor

Col. Ray Sims to Receive Saddle and Sirloin Honor

American Angus

At a recent meeting, the Kentucky State Fair Board — upon recommendation of the Saddle and Sirloin Committee — approved Col. Ray Sims of Raymore, Mo., as the recipient of the Saddle and Sirloin Portrait Award. It is the highest honor bestowed upon influential leaders of the livestock industry as awarded by their peers.

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New D.C. animal group poses danger for ranchers

New D.C. animal group poses danger for ranchers

Mike Mehren, Oregon Feed and Grain Association

Natural Resource Report

This little beauty will be quite a bit different than any of my columns. This is about an organization calling itself ‘Global Animal Partnership’. The organization is headquartered in Washington, D.C. Members of the Board include Wayne Pacelle of the H.S.U.S. and Steven Gross from P.E.T.A. Neither of these groups represented on their board have been friends of animal agriculture.

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Match cattle size to forage resources

Match cattle size to forage resources

Donald Stotts, Oklahoma State University

Southwest Farm Pres

Commercial cow-calf operators must become more cost-efficient to maintain or improve profit margins, making matching animals to forage resources more important than ever.

Land, fertilizer, feed, fuel and labor costs continue to increase relative to the value of carcass beef and weaned calves, says David Lalman, Oklahoma State University professor of animal science.

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Steering toward Calhoun Stockyard

Steering toward Calhoun Stockyard

Doug Walker

Calhoun Times

Agriculture remains the single largest industry in Georgia, despite dwindling numbers of producers. Like just about every other sector of the economy, fewer numbers of farmers are being called on to feed a growing population.

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