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Video Feature: Drovers TV

– Stop BVD: control strategies for this costly disease

– Storm rations: helping cattle yield better during winter storms

– Progress and new challenges: research in beef safety and quality

– Cattle come first: cattle-feeding and farming in Iowa

– Three generations of marketing cattle: adding value and attracting buyers

– Archive, the value of information: buying local, fair trade, or certified for animal-welfare standards

Minimizing Health Risks When Buying a Bull

Minimizing Health Risks When Buying a Bull

Dr. Soren P. Rodning, DVM, Auburn University Extension Veterinarian


Purchasing a new bull is a big investment with long- term consequences, both financially and geneti- cally. As a result, bulls are often appropriately evaluated based on breed, EPDs, physical soundness, genetic analysis, visual appraisal, etc., but how much consideration is given to some of the unwanted diseases that a new bull can bring onto the farm?

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Improving Feed Management Plans

Improving Feed Management Plans


Livestock nutritionists for all species can learn the basics of creating feed management plans for their clients at Purdue Extension’s 2010 Feed Management Workshop on April 19 at the Grand Wayne Centre in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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BeefTalk: Slowly Adapt New Bulls to Their New Home

BeefTalk: Slowly Adapt New Bulls to Their New Home

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The best way to treat new bulls is to place them in an environment similar to the one they came from.

After a spring of bull shopping, the first thing one realizes is there are a lot of good bulls on the market from many good breeds.

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Management Factors Affecting Fertility

Management Factors Affecting Fertility

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

The cow-calf business is really all about reproduction. The goal of any serious cow-calf producer is to maximize the number of cows and heifers that become pregnant. So fertility is pretty important. During the Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle (ARSBC) workshop hosted in conjunction with the 2010 Cattle Industry Annual Convention, South Dakota State University (SDSU) reproductive physiologist George Perry talked about factors influencing fertility. He also offered up a number of managerial considerations for maximizing pregnancy rates for breeding programs utilizing natural service or artificial insemination (AI).

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How to Respond Effectively

How to Respond Effectively

Sara Brown

Beef Today

If I’ve learned anything working in media, it’s don’t get in the middle of a word fight. It’s better to not speak than to be so overwhelmed with your emotions that people stop listening to you. With the prevalence of media attacks on agriculture, producers are often hesitant to speak out against activists. So how do you say what you really want to say?

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Managing illness in a stocker operation

Managing illness in a stocker operation

The Cattle Business Weekly

Proper and timely identification of sick stockers helps minimize unnecessary treatment expense and preventable production losses, says Mississippi State University Extension beef cattle specialist Justin Rhinehart.

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UN Admits Flaw In Meat And Climate Change Report

UN Admits Flaw In Meat And Climate Change Report


One of the authors of the 2006 United Nations report claiming meat production is responsible for 18 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, more than transportation, is acknowledging that the comparison is flawed in light of recent research by an American scientist.

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Spring Breeding Season

Spring Breeding Season

Beef Today

The first few days of spring are upon us and the recent chilly days have us all returning back to our warm layers of winter clothing.    The flurry of activities over the past week had this modern ag women bouncing between business suits and high heels to slickers and mud boots.

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A few stragglers holding up end of Sandness’ calving season

A few stragglers holding up end of Sandness’ calving season


Farm & Ranch Guide

A few stragglers are keeping Mark Sandness from proclaiming his calving season is completed, and if those last few hold-outs don’t hurry they may find themselves at the sale barn and end up on another farm.

“I will probably sell those that haven’t calved by the first of April since I will start the breeding program on the 24th of April,” Mark said. “They usually need a couple months to rest up before they breed back and that would make them even later next year, so it’s best to just sell them and replace them with replacement heifers.”

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Don’t fall in love with your cattle

Don’t fall in love with your cattle

ABC Rural (AU)

A retired pastoralist from northern Queensland says beef producers need to stop running "cattle admiration societies" and focus on their business.

Tom Mann from Hillgrove, Charters Towers, says producers should fall in love with the land and their wife, but not their cattle.

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Struggling U.S. beef industry sees profits again

Struggling U.S. beef industry sees profits again

Bob Burgdorfer


U.S. beef prices have surged this month due to tight supplies, strong exports, and an uptick in restaurant business, producing badly needed profits for U.S. beef companies and cattle producers.

The wholesale price for choice-grade beef, which is often served in restaurants, is the highest in nearly two years at $163 per hundredweight.

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Straight Talk On PAMTA

Straight Talk On PAMTA

Bovine Veterinarian

The Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act (PAMTA) – HR1549 – would stop veterinarians and producers from preventing disease in livestock, which would ultimately harm animal welfare, animal health, food safety and food security. A companion bill was introduced into the Senate (S. 619).

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The Start of a New Season

The Start of a New Season

Chalsey Kortes


Spring is in the air – you can tell it at the Kortes ranch. We trailed our cows home from their winter stay at the hay meadow. It’s a yearly tradition – St. Patrick’s Day we bring the cows home in preparation for the start of calving season.

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Beef Checkoff Celebrates Earth Day

Beef Checkoff Celebrates Earth Day

California Farmer

April 22 will mark the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and once again, the beef checkoff’s issues management and producer communications teams are helping cattle farmers and ranchers across the country share their environmental sustainability message with consumers. This year’s Earth Day campaign highlights the tradition and longevity of cattlemen’s environmental stewardship practices and reinforces cattlemen’s geographic diversity yet unity around being "green" with the resources in their area.

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