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Video Feature: Dr. Dan Buskirk discusses the best management practices of hay storage

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What If We Awaken Some Day And There Are No Farmers To Be Found?

What If We Awaken Some Day And There Are No Farmers To Be Found?

The Farm Gate

What if the global consumer arose one morning for breakfast and there was neither food in the fridge nor enough US farmers to supply the demand for food? Oooooops. While technology is indeed making farmers more productive, there will still need to be farm operators and managers to produce food products for shipment to the processing and distribution industries. But that number of individuals is rapidly diminishing and there are some concerns being expressed.

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Yearling Bull Management

Yearling Bull Management

Dr. Scott P. Greiner, Extension Animal Scientists, VA Tech

Winter and spring are the primary bull buying seasons in Virginia.  A diligent amount of time spent studying performance information, EPD’s, pedigrees and other pertinent information is warranted as sire selection is the most important tool for making genetic progress in the herd.

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Better Beef, Better Exhibitors

Better Beef, Better Exhibitors

Becky Mills

Angus Journal

When the Clarksville Area Better Beef Show started in 1950 it had worthy goals. “The purpose was to give young people in 4-H and FFA a place to show their animals. They develop leadership and citizenship, and it helps pay their way to college,” says John Bartee, Extension director for Montgomery County, Tenn.

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Marketing cattle basics for successful producers

Marketing cattle basics for successful producers

Amanda Nolz

Tri State Livestock News

Sit around the coffee shop long enough and a passerby can hear producers talk shop. Ranchers gather for their morning gossip and tall tales start to develop. So and so has the biggest calves, his neighbor got the highest prices at the sale barn, and the producer down the road has the tallest corn in the community.

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Attorney General Says People Want Concrete Action on Markets

Attorney General Says People Want Concrete Action on Markets

Chris Clayton


Opening a workshop on agricultural competition, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder marveled that the Department of Justice’s collaboration with the Department of Agriculture was the first time the two departments had worked together to hold a serious conversation about competition in agriculture.

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Grass-fed beef too daunting of a system?

Grass-fed beef too daunting of a system?

The Cattle Business Weekly

Livestock producers are exploring grass-fed beef production to meet consumer market demands. However, the production side of the system can be daunting.

"Finishing animals on grass is the hardest grazing management system to accomplish," says Jeff McCutcheon, an Ohio State University Extension educator in Morrow County. "It’s definitely not for beginners."

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Why You Can’t Rely on Color to Indicate Doneness of Your Burger

Why You Can’t Rely on Color to Indicate Doneness of Your Burger

Christopher R. Raines

Penn State University

Ground beef is one of the most popular forms of red meat consumed in the United States.  According to my calculations (as inspired my a mentor of mine), if all of the ground beef consumed in the U.S. per year was made into quarter-pound patties that are about a half-inch thick, then stacked end-to-end, that stack-o-beef could reach from Earth to its Moon (then have to double-back one quarter the distance)!

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Vaccinate calves against respiratory diseases

Vaccinate calves against respiratory diseases

Southwest Farm Press

Cattle producers preparing to work spring-born calves should be taking steps now to protect their animals from the respiratory diseases, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and bovine viral diarrhea virus.

By vaccinating calves now, the first vaccination against IBR and BVDV takes place at a time when there is comparatively less stress on a calf.

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Mad Cow Controls Failed

Mad Cow Controls Failed


Less than a week before Australia was going to open its borders to beef imports from Canada and the U.S. Canada discovered yet another case of mad cow disease…and kept quiet about it until last week.  That ugly fact seems to have distracted what little media has covered this issue from an even bigger headline.

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Bill Ellard, EE Ranches Inc. Owner, Passes Away

Bill Ellard, EE Ranches Inc. Owner, Passes Away


Bill Ellard, owner, with his wife, Jo Ellard,  of EE Ranches, Pilot Point, TX, and EE Stallion Station, Whitesboro, TX, passed away on March 16, following a long battle with cancer.

This past February, Bill and Jo Ellard were selected as Honorees of the 2010 Fort Worth Stock Show Open Hereford Show

In 1982, the Ellards purchased a ranch near Jo’s hometown of Winona, MS, and established a nationally recognized cow herd and show string.

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Celebrating the legacy of Cracker cowboys

Celebrating the legacy of Cracker cowboys


Herald Tribune

Sometimes it is easy to forget that Manatee County, with its Gulf of Mexico shoreline and suburban lifestyle, has an agricultural economy.

 With 100 members in the Manatee County Cattlemen’s Association and more than 50 working ranches in Manatee County, the month-long Manatee Heritage Days observance is a reminder of the county’s roots.

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Livestock Living: Sale barn owners enjoy business

Livestock Living: Sale barn owners enjoy business


Country World News

As spring approaches, cattle prices are beginning to rise at Cattleman’s Livestock Commission in Lamar County.

"The market does change you know, but right now it is on the up swing," said Cattleman’s Livestock Commission owner Charles Mallicote. "If you had asked me about a week ago I would say there were more people wanting to sell than wanting to buy, but now we are just right at the verge of grass. There is getting to be more people wanting to buy now.

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Willrett named Master Farmer

Willrett named Master Farmer


Daily Chronicle

Jamie Willrett of Malta recently was recognized for his contributions to the agriculture industry.

Willrett was named as one of Prairie Farmer magazine’s 2010 Master Farmers. He and the other Master Farmers were featured in the March edition of the publication. Willrett said he is pleased to be one of the recipients of the award.

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Granholm’s ‘Meatout Day’ angers Michigan farmers

Granholm’s ‘Meatout Day’ angers Michigan farmers


Lexington Herald Leader

Some Michigan agriculture organizations have a beef with Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm over her proclamation encouraging residents to not eat meat for a day.

Granholm declared this coming Saturday "Meatout Day" in Michigan earlier this month. Her proclamation encourages residents to choose not to eat meat in observance of the day and to try different recipes rich with vegetables, fruit and whole grains.

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