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Video Feature: Grass Tetany: A Primer

Grass Tetany: A Primer

Dr. Ron Lemenager discusses the prevention, symptoms and causes of the metabolic disease grass tetany.



Moira and Clive, British tourists, had taken in the Arkansas attractions of Eureka Springs, the Chuck Wagon races in Clinton, the sale barn in Green Forest, and now found themselves in Ft. Smith for the Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association Trail Drive.

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2010 Estrus Synch Planner

2010 Estrus Synch Planner

Iowa Beef Center

The 2010 revised version of the Estrus Synch Planner will include three new systems just recently approved by the Beef Reproduction Task Force. Recent research at the University of Missouri which eliminates one chute trip for the 14-day CIDR programs has been incorporated into three new heifer synchronization systems; one with estrus detection, one with estrus AI & cleanup AI and one that incorporates fixed-time AI.

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Use available tools when selecting beef genetics

Use available tools when selecting beef genetics

Jennifer Bremer

High Plains Journal

Genetic selection of beef cattle has evolved considerably in recent times with many more tools available for making breeding decisions, according to University of Nebraska Extension beef genetics specialist Matt Spangler.

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Beef genetics to Colombia

Beef genetics to Colombia


The Land

Beef cattle isn’t the first thing to come to mind when one mentions a farmer from Colombia, but Ricardo Gaitan McAllister made the trip to the NSW Beef Spectacular and Trade Expo at Dubbo last week to search for new beef genetics.

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Family-farm advocates call for U.S. to ‘bust up big ag’

Family-farm advocates call for U.S. to ‘bust up big ag’

Lynda Waddington

The Iowa Independent

Whether they realized it or not, the roughly 250 family farmers, workers and consumers gathered Thursday night fired off their own point-by-point response to a letter from two Republican Senators that urged the U.S. departments of agriculture and justice to maintain the existing status quo in the agriculture industry.

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AVMA, AVMF to help food animal veterinarians pay off loans

AVMA, AVMF to help food animal veterinarians pay off loans


$500,000 will be allotted, thanks to partnership with companies

After Garrett R. Stewart graduates from the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine this spring, he’ll go on to be a food animal practitioner in his hometown of Washington, Kan.

He’ll have some company, too, as 28 of the 108 veterinary students who graduated in 2009 from K-State went into food animal or mixed animal practice. Thirty-seven graduates did so in 2008.

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