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Video Feature: Baxter Black on Cud

Today, we head to his Arizona ranch to get his perspective on, well, cud. From US Farm Report

Prevent heifer lameness

Prevent heifer lameness

Geni Wren  

Bovine Veterinarian

Cattle producers don’t usually have to worry too much about lameness issues in the pre-breeding beef and dairy heifer, but there are some management and environmental influences that affect a heifer’s future soundness and productivity in the herd. Lameness in pre-breeding age heifers tends not to receive much attention primarily because these animals are not convenient or easy to examine.

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Who Will Feed Us When The Farmers Are All Gone?

Who Will Feed Us When The Farmers Are All Gone?

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

“What in the world are they thinking?” That was my reaction when I first learned that the University of Georgia was proposing the elimination of the entire 4-H system in the state. While there are many state and federal programs that should be eliminated, 4-H is not among them. According to Georgia extension officials, Georgia schools have the largest 4-H participation in the country; and the Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton is the largest in the country with 1,428 acres of forested land, including a 110-acre lake.

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Antibiotic Breakdown In Manure

Antibiotic Breakdown In Manure


Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist Scott Yates recently discovered oxytetracycline (OTC), an antibiotic that is administered to animals, breaks down more quickly in cattle manure than it does in soil.

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CSU Hosts Iraqi Veterinarians

CSU Hosts Iraqi Veterinarians


Two Iraqi veterinarians have been studying for three weeks at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado through USDA’s Norman E. Borlaug Fellowship Program. The program helps developing countries strengthen sustainable agricultural practices by providing short-term training and research opportunities.

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Calf quality boosts marketing effort

Calf quality boosts marketing effort

Audry Olmstead


A group of New Mexico bull producers is optimistic a new marketing program will add more value to New Mexico calves as premiums paid for calves has become increasingly competitive in the market from ranch to the retailers.

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Beef risk management, return forecasting tools available on Web

Beef risk management, return forecasting tools available on Web

Ottawa Herald

The beef industry has had its share of challenges in recent years, but tools are available to help producers manage some of those challenges, according to Michigan State University agricultural economist Glynn Tonsor.

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Missouri agriculture: big impact that could be bigger

Missouri agriculture: big impact that could be bigger

Brent Martin


A special interim House committee finds much potential in Missouri’s number one industry, but potential not being realized.

Agriculture injects more than $12.4 billion annually into the state’s economy, employing more than 245,000 workers. It could have a larger impact.

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Should the US Break Up with China?

Should the US Break Up with China?

Steve Cornett

Beef Today

Can you believe that Lyle Lovett was married to Julia Roberts? Have you seen a picture of the man? Did you know he’s an Aggie? Where is the symmetry in a relationship like that?

Which reminds me of our trade deficit with China.

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Vaccinating heifers pre-breeding

Vaccinating heifers pre-breeding

David L. Morris, DVM, Ph.D.

The Fence Post

As spring breeding season plans come into focus, issues of vaccination programs and boosters arise, particularly with heifers to be bred the first time. Whether it involves natural service or artificial insemination, optimizing the health status of replacement heifers pre-breeding reduces disease risk involving the vaccine(s) used.

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Ag economist outlines market trends, considerations for beef industry

Ag economist outlines market trends, considerations for beef industry

Ottawa Herald

With recent downsizing in the U.S. cattle industry linked to a lack of profitability, agricultural economist Glynn Tonsor encouraged beef producers to heed recent data indicating why demand has softened and how it might be improved.

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China to become net importer of beef

China to become net importer of beef


China will this year become, officially, a net importer of beef, albeit with foreign shipments still accounting for only a small proportion of the world’s fourth-biggest market.

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Livestock care bill has underlying purpose

Livestock care bill has underlying purpose

 Janet Patton


A House committee is poised this week to take up a bill that would grant sweeping authority to regulate the treatment of farm animals to a new state panel.

The legislation, Senate Bill 105, would create the Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Commission, a 14-member group which could dictate how poultry, pigs, cattle, horses, goats and sheep are treated.

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Where Premiums Come From

Where Premiums Come From


Premiums and discounts rule the world of value-based cattle marketing. If you’ve fed cattle or followed calves through a feedlot to a packer grid, you have been enrolled in continuing education.

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Family raises, produces grass-fed beef

Family raises, produces grass-fed beef

Kenda Williams

Savannah Now

What they do: As owners and cattle farmers with their business, Hunter Cattle Co., the Fergusons make it their mission to provide free range, grass-fed, hormone-free beef to their customers in the Coastal Empire. They have approximately 450 acres and 250 cattle.

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