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Video Feature: From Beef Cattle to B-roll: Beef Cattle Producer Becomes Media Producer

Clyde Lane saw the need to preserve content that was being presented to producers in the beef cattle industry by recording and producing short, informational segments on the many aspects of cattle production.



Cowboys are nothing if not ingenious. It takes that sort of out-of-the-box mentality to allow them to solve the myriad of problems that arise when you combine horse, cow and rope!

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Management tools improve herd fertility

Management tools improve herd fertility

Tim Hearden

Capital Press

Small steps can add up, physiologist tells ranchers

A few simple management tools can help ranchers maximize the fertility of their bull and cow herds, experts advise.

For instance, removing a calf from its mother for a couple of days has been shown to be effective at helping her begin estrus, said Les Anderson, a beef cattle specialist from the University of Kentucky.

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Ellsworth family takes livelihood from farm to table

Ellsworth family takes livelihood from farm to table

Bill Kirk

Pierce County Herald

As Dave Capatske continues to raise beef cattle, he’s increasingly become a part of bringing the meat to the public.

Capatske has long sold his cattle right off of the family farm, six miles east of Ellsworth. Late last year, he began making meat from those cattle available at a retail outlet in the village’s midway district.

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Maintenance adds value to beef cattle

Maintenance adds value to beef cattle

Rusty Evans

The Leaf Chronicle

As spring approaches, beef producers can add value to their calves by performing recommended management practices.

Suggested practices include castrating, dehorning, implanting, and preventing pinkeye.

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Reproductive herd health

Reproductive herd health

Jean Barton

About 85 beef cattle ranchers attended the Reproductive Herd Health workshop sponsored by Tehama and Shasta counties’ cattlemen’s associations, University of California Cooperative Extension, Shasta Farm and Equipment, Hawes Farm and Ranch, Northern California Farm Credit, Pfizer Animal Health, Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic and Shasta Livestock Auction Yard.

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Michigan testing animal-disease alert system

Michigan testing animal-disease alert system

Rosemary Parker

Kalamazoo Gazette

Whether it’s two pet ducks in the backyard pond, a flock of peacocks on a country estate or a single steer to fill the family freezer, every animal can harbor diseases and, if undetected, can spread through an area like wildfire, threatening commercial livestock farms.

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