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Farming outside the box

Farming outside the box

Greg Stiles

Mail Tribune

Joel Salatin, a leading light in the local food movement, met with several dozen local farmers and ranchers on a warm February day that made him wonder aloud about returning to snowbound Virginia.

A practitioner of natural and organic farming, Salatin has little need for massive investment in machinery and other components associated with USDA-approved corporate food production.

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Beef producers: Pay for bacteria vaccine

Beef producers: Pay for bacteria vaccine

Des Moines Register, letter to the editor

The big-factory farm beef producers are the ones who should bear the cost of the vaccine. The article fails to mention that the E. coli bacteria and the illness that it causes was nearly unheard of before the early 1980s, the same time when large feedlots became the way to raise cattle.

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Oakdale set for livestock forum

Oakdale set for livestock forum

John Holland

Modesto Bee

Beef producers will discuss the planet’s health along with that of their cattle at the 58th annual Oakdale Livestock Forum, set for March 2. Experts will speak on cattle’s contribution to climate-changing emissions and how rangeland grasses might help capture them. The forum also will feature a discussion of agritourism — ways ranchers can make money from visitors. Pinkeye prevention and other management topics also will be covered.

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Spring 2010 Hereford Sire Summary now available

Spring 2010 Hereford Sire Summary now available

High Plains Journal

The Spring 2010 Hereford Sire Summary is now available in print and online at Hereford.org. The new summary includes detailed listings on 2,214 sires to help producers make informed buying, breeding and other management decisions.

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A cut above

A cut above

Lindsey Nair

The Roanoke Times

Increased demand for fresh, local food persuaded two Lexington families to reopen a meat-processing facility that will help small farmers and customers alike.

Steve Donald was a high school senior when his father decided it was time to fully initiate him in the family business.

"I came home from school, and my father looked at my brother, Rick, and I and said, ‘There’s four cattle down in the pen. Go butcher them on your own.’"

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Clones and the consumer conscious

Clones and the consumer conscious


It’s official: major food regulators worldwide declare food products from cloned cattle fit for human consumption. The all-powerful U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced recently that it is safe to eat meat and drink milk from cloned livestock.

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Legal abuse costs us billions

Legal abuse costs us billions

Jean Barton

Red Bluff Daily News

At the American National CattleWomen general membership meeting in San Antonio during the Beef Cattle Industry convention, Karen Budd-Falen, cowboy lawyer, alerted us to The Abuse of the Litigation Process by so-called non profit groups.  

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