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Breeding Soundness Exams are Cheap Insurance

Breeding Soundness Exams are Cheap Insurance

AG Answers

The cheapest insurance a beef producer can buy for a herd is a bull breeding soundness exam at least 30 days before breeding season, said Allen Bridges, Purdue University breeding specialist.

"The real reason to do a breeding soundness exam is to identify the bulls that have inferior fertility and aren’t capable of settling the cows in the herd," he said.

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Why Would A Cow-Calf Producer Want To Retain Ownership?

Why Would A Cow-Calf Producer Want To Retain Ownership?

The Farm Gate

The phrase “from farm to fork” has been well used to trace food products from the farmgate to the plate and to demonstrate the interest in many farmers in showing their concerns about quality to the consumer. But the same vertical supply chain may be financially beneficial if farmers are able to share in the profitability the entire route as well. Vertical integration is more prevalent in the pork and poultry industries, but what about beef?

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Cattle Nutrition: Processing Is Key to Feeding Light Test Weight Corn

Cattle Nutrition: Processing Is Key to Feeding Light Test Weight Corn

Jeremy Martin

Beef Today

Many areas of the Midwest are reporting light test weight corn and milo due to the delayed harvest. Light test weight grain is higher in crude protein, fiber and mineral content compared with normal test weight grain. Increases in concentration of these fractions come at the expense of reduced starch content.

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BeefTalk: Breed Percentile Tables, Performance Unveiled

BeefTalk: Breed Percentile Tables, Performance Unveiled

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Grab a color highlighter and prepare to decide what level of performance one wants to select when buying a bull.

Judging by the mail, the bull selling season is here. Many bull catalogs have arrived and more are to come.

Each bull sale catalog has unique features and provides an update on sale bulls. The catalog also tells the story of the people in the operation, which is good because people are the beef business.

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Southeastern calves still improving, study says

Southeastern calves still improving, study says


For decades, cattle from the southeastern U.S. have sold at a discount compared to cattle from the Midwest. Data says they deserve better, according to a beef cattle specialist with Certified Angus Beef LLC. Earlier this month, Gary Fike presented on feedlot performance and carcass traits at the Southern Section meetings of the American Society of Animal Science in Orlando, Fla.

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Beeves in the old humor pasture

Beeves in the old humor pasture

The Hays Daily News

I do love a yarn, especially if it sounds like a conspiracy theory. I should know I’ve told enough of them that some came true. Forget that, my beef currently is with Mr. Steve Reinhardt out of Russell who appears to be a thinking man.

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Concern over environmental regulations facing Virginia farmers

Concern over environmental regulations facing Virginia farmers


Blue Ridge Business Journal

Agricultural organizations hope new secretary of agriculture and forestry, Todd Haymore, will intercede with Washington

Two of the state’s leading agricultural organizations are worried about environmental regulations imposed on Virginia farmers and are hoping the new administration in Richmond will work to bring them some relief.

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The number of veterinarians specialized in treating large animals is low in east Tennessee.

The number of veterinarians specialized in treating large animals is low in east Tennessee.


A record number of applicants applied for the 85 available seats in the University of Tennessee’s Veterinary program in 2009. Of those who will graduate, fewer are planning to specialize in the care of large animals than in previous years.

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What did your steak eat when it was a cow?

What did your steak eat when it was a cow?

Columbia Healthy Living Examiner

Eva Rychtarikova

When you enjoy steak in the local restaurant, chew on your veal in the dining room, or bite into the chicken sandwich at lunch, you may want to think about what the animal ate before becoming your meal.

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Shaun White: Snowboard champ, steak lover

Shaun White: Snowboard champ, steak lover

John Maday


Steak-loving Shaun White flew away with his second Olympic gold medal in the halfpipe event Wednesday, deploying stunts named for some of his favorite steaks.

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Animal health check for farmers

Animal health check for farmers

Daniel Orr »

The Westmoreland Gazette

VETS in South Lakeland are backing a new campaign to help cut down on animal disease.

Westmorland Veterinary Group, based at Kendal and Kirkby Lonsdale, is supporting the National Infectious Disease Check campaign subsidised by animal health company, Intervet/Schering-Plough.

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Ag campaign puts a face to farming

Ag campaign puts a face to farming

Shelley Swift

Greenwood Star

Two Johnson County farmers are taking part in a nationwide campaign meant to remind folks who is putting food on their tables.

Abby Nichols and Stanley Poe II are among eight Indiana farmers being featured at the Web site, www.farmersfeedus.org.

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Bowl over that bovine

Bowl over that bovine

Kaylia Cornett

The Eastern Progress

Jeff Foxworthy helped define "redneck." He said you might be a redneck if directions to your house include "turn off the paved road." If people ask to hunt in your front yard, you just might be a redneck. And, if you’ve been on television more than five times describing what the tornado sounded like, yep, that might make you a redneck too.

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MSU Considers How To Deal With Budget Cuts

MSU Considers How To Deal With Budget Cuts


Mississippi State University (MSU) is forced to consider options that include merging two colleges and nine departments and eliminating 17 degree programmes in response to state funding cuts.

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ND feeder wishes to feed Canadian cull cows

ND feeder wishes to feed Canadian cull cows

Cattle Business Weekly

The State Board of Animal Health in North Dakota is reviewing a proposal to allow Korby Kost, a livestock feeder north of Carrington, to import 2-to-5 year old culled open cows from Canada for custom finishing.

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