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“How Does Your Winter Feeding Stack Up?”

"How Does Your Winter Feeding Stack Up?"


The Leaf Chronicle

By this time of year, cow-calf producers are in the midst of the winter feeding season.

Winter feeding is the most expensive phase of feeder calf production. It is reported that it makes up 40 percent of the annual variable costs. Now would be a “good time” for producers to evaluate their winter feeding program.

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Who do you trust to tell you the truth about food safety?

Who do you trust to tell you the truth about food safety?

Marshall Democrat News

Is our food safe or not?

Are today’s farmers feeding and taking care of their animals properly?

It seems to come down to who you trust.

Do you believe the family farmers who have spent their whole lives producing food? The farmers who have built modern farming techniques, step by step, generation by generation — building on the lessons, failures and successes of those who farmed before them?

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Stocker Best Practices Manual Available

Stocker Best Practices Manual Available


If you’ve wondered about aiming stockers at the Certified Angus Beef (CAB) program specifically, or just want a handy reference guide that spurs you to question where quality components fit your operation, order a free copy of CAB’s new "Best Practices Manual" (BPM) for stockers and backgrounders.

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Volatility Can Create Profitability in Chaotic Times

Volatility Can Create Profitability in Chaotic Times

Cattle Today

During recent years, beef producers have repeatedly heard market analysts advise careful attention to risk management. The reason cited is market volatility. However, volatility also creates opportunity to improve profitability when savvy producers apply some time-tested business tools.

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Nebraska Researchers Examine Effect of DDGS, WCGF on First Calf Heifers

Nebraska Researchers Examine Effect of DDGS, WCGF on First Calf Heifers

Cheryl Anderson


Not only are distillers dried grain with solubles and wet corn gluten feed acceptable supplements for primiparous (first-calf) beef cows, but they may also have a positive effect on reproduction, according to researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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Optimists Create the Future Says NCBA President

Optimists Create the Future Says NCBA President


Speaking after the recent NCBA convention in San Antonio, Mr Foglesong said that there were a few roadblocks to overcome to get to the good times, but all in all the future is optimistic.

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North American Liquidation

North American Liquidation

John Harrington DTN Livestock Analyst

While U.S. and Canadian cattlemen have had their differences since 2003, they continue to march to the same bearish drumbeat of herd liquidation.

The Canadian count just released falls in the wake of last month’s assessment of the U.S. herd, an inventory that totaled a short 1 percent below the previous year. The two herds tallied together equals 106.7 million head, 1 percent below last year’s combination and 4.2 percent smaller than the peak of 2006.

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