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“How Does Your Winter Feeding Stack Up?”

"How Does Your Winter Feeding Stack Up?"


The Leaf Chronicle

By this time of year, cow-calf producers are in the midst of the winter feeding season.

Winter feeding is the most expensive phase of feeder calf production. It is reported that it makes up 40 percent of the annual variable costs. Now would be a “good time” for producers to evaluate their winter feeding program.

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Who do you trust to tell you the truth about food safety?

Who do you trust to tell you the truth about food safety?

Marshall Democrat News

Is our food safe or not?

Are today’s farmers feeding and taking care of their animals properly?

It seems to come down to who you trust.

Do you believe the family farmers who have spent their whole lives producing food? The farmers who have built modern farming techniques, step by step, generation by generation — building on the lessons, failures and successes of those who farmed before them?

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Stocker Best Practices Manual Available

Stocker Best Practices Manual Available


If you’ve wondered about aiming stockers at the Certified Angus Beef (CAB) program specifically, or just want a handy reference guide that spurs you to question where quality components fit your operation, order a free copy of CAB’s new "Best Practices Manual" (BPM) for stockers and backgrounders.

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Volatility Can Create Profitability in Chaotic Times

Volatility Can Create Profitability in Chaotic Times

Cattle Today

During recent years, beef producers have repeatedly heard market analysts advise careful attention to risk management. The reason cited is market volatility. However, volatility also creates opportunity to improve profitability when savvy producers apply some time-tested business tools.

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Nebraska Researchers Examine Effect of DDGS, WCGF on First Calf Heifers

Nebraska Researchers Examine Effect of DDGS, WCGF on First Calf Heifers

Cheryl Anderson


Not only are distillers dried grain with solubles and wet corn gluten feed acceptable supplements for primiparous (first-calf) beef cows, but they may also have a positive effect on reproduction, according to researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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Optimists Create the Future Says NCBA President

Optimists Create the Future Says NCBA President


Speaking after the recent NCBA convention in San Antonio, Mr Foglesong said that there were a few roadblocks to overcome to get to the good times, but all in all the future is optimistic.

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North American Liquidation

North American Liquidation

John Harrington DTN Livestock Analyst

While U.S. and Canadian cattlemen have had their differences since 2003, they continue to march to the same bearish drumbeat of herd liquidation.

The Canadian count just released falls in the wake of last month’s assessment of the U.S. herd, an inventory that totaled a short 1 percent below the previous year. The two herds tallied together equals 106.7 million head, 1 percent below last year’s combination and 4.2 percent smaller than the peak of 2006.

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Reasons for Planned Grazing

Reasons for Planned Grazing

Lorie Woodward Cantu

The Cattleman

Editor’s Note:  This is the second installment in a 12-part series on planned grazing. This series has been created in partnership with Dr. Richard Teague, associate resident director and professor at the Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Vernon; Dr. C. Wayne Hanselka, a private range management consultant based in Corpus Christi, who also serves as professor and Extension specialist emeritus with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service; and individual ranchers experienced in using planned grazing.

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Key Facts Disagree with News Segment on Livestock Antibiotics

Key Facts Disagree with News Segment on Livestock Antibiotics

Beef Today

Last week, CBS Evening News featured reports on antibiotic use in livestock and poultry but misrepresented information that the livestock industry is working to correct. The segments looked at the use of antibiotics in livestock and poultry production and the threat on human health. Many in the livestock industry saw the segments as one-sided and have been working to counter some of the misinformation.

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Trichomoniasis, A New Challenge

Trichomoniasis, A New Challenge

Dave Sparks DVM, OSU Area Extension Quality and Health Specialist

Trichomoniasis is not a new disease but its prevalence has increased dramatically in recent years, mostly due to the increased movement of breeding stock from region to region. Commonly called Trich, it is a highly contagious venereal disease that causes infertility and abortions.

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New cuts from chuck, round steak add beef industry value

New cuts from chuck, round steak add beef industry value


The Prairie Star

University of Nebraska Meat Scientist Chris Calkins provided attendees of the 21st Range Beef Cow Symposium an overview of new beef product development during the past decade and how it has added value to the beef industry.

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Wet weather setting stage for foot issues in cattle

Wet weather setting stage for foot issues in cattle

Martha Hollida Garrett

Southern Livestock Standard

While the wet winter weather has been welcomed in terms of moisture across the South, it is setting the stage for outbreaks of foot infections in herds. While the disease is not life threatening, foot rot is economically important to producers because of decreased weight gain and treatment costs. Addition-ally, lame bulls will not breed and there are reproduction losses.

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Philanthropist-Angus Breeder Ralph Anderson dies

Philanthropist-Angus Breeder Ralph Anderson dies


Advocate Messenger

HARRODSBURG — Businessman Ralph G. Anderson, a Mercer County native known for his philanthropy, died Saturday in Cincinnati. He was 86.

Anderson started Anderson Circle Farm north of Harrodsburg with a few acres and expanded it to more than 7,000 acres as it took in several historic Mercer County farms.

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R-CALF USA Backs Court Decision

R-CALF USA Backs Court Decision


The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Washington recently issued an order that addresses, what R-CALF USA calls, a principal argument contained in the complaints filed at the World Trade Organization against the U.S. country-of-origin labeling law by Canada and Mexico.

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Sedalia Cattlemen Elected to Checkoff Post

Sedalia Cattlemen Elected to Checkoff Post

Missouri Ruralist

Sedalia beef cattle producer David Dick was chosen vice chairman of the Federation of State Beef Councils during the 2010 Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show in San Antonio.

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