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Steve Cornett:  What if Michelle and Pollan Get Their Way?

Steve Cornett:  What if Michelle and Pollan Get Their Way?

Just a reminder that what has always been may not always be. A quote from a Wall Street Journal editorial this morning:

    The Administration wants $10 billion to fund more nutritious school breakfasts and lunches, and here’s a modest proposal: Take the money out of U.S. farm subsidies that make unhealthy foods artificially cheap. Most of the excess calories in the American diet come in the form of highly processed starches, and Tufts University’s Timothy Wise estimates that since the 1996 farm bill corn and soybeans have been priced 23% and 15% below average production costs.

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Getting The Facts Straight On Antibiotics

Getting The Facts Straight On Antibiotics

Bovine Veterinarian

Yesterday, CBS News producers created a special report on the use of antibiotics in livestock production. The piece, reported by Evening News anchor Katie Couric, is not a factual representation of the scientific, safe and careful use of antibiotics in animal agriculture.

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BeefTalk: Genomics – And That Leads to a Better Beef Business

BeefTalk: Genomics – And That Leads to a Better Beef Business

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist NDSU Extension Service

Today’s beef cattle are the result of selection processes that have been refined for centuries. Producers have developed a strong genetic base and are designing cattle to meet the production criteria needed to fit their individual environments.

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Recession still impacting beef

Recession still impacting beef

BEEF Magazine

Beef continues to be one of the most nutritious products U.S. consumers can buy in the grocery store. But the form that consumers buy it in can make a big difference to the U.S. cattle industry. John Lundeen, executive director of market research for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, talked about what the NCBA is doing to try to regain profitability for producers at the Cattle Industry Winter Meeting in San Antonio

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Creating higher value beef products

Creating higher value beef products

Gerard Hall

Country Wide

Quality feed is the answer for farmers keen on banking more dollars from cattle, according to an AgResearch scientist.

A keen proponent of beef cattle, AgResearch Invermay’s Jason Archer will float several options farmers might like to consider at the Woodland field day on February 24. Each of them has the potential to lift profit levels from beef.

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Alabama struggles with large animal vet shortage

Alabama struggles with large animal vet shortage

Montgomery Advertiser

It has been more than five years since Greenhill cattle farmer R.L. Behel has had a veterinarian treat one of his herd.

"Part of that is cost," he said. "Used to, I’d get one to come out and help with deworming and vaccination time. It’s not going to be cheap for me to have my vet come all the way here from Center Star or Loretto, (Tenn.). I don’t know that I can afford to do that anymore."

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Three-day grazing school to address increased challenges in beef production

Three-day grazing school to address increased challenges in beef production

Robert Burns

AgriLife News

Too little rain, too much rain, high fertilizer prices and a volatile cattle market – both inexperienced and the veteran beef producers will learn strategies to deal with all these scenarios at the Pasture and Livestock Management Workshop set March 30 – April 1, said a Texas AgriLife Research scientist.

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