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A Q&A with Gregg Doud, Chief Economist for NCBA

A Q&A with Gregg Doud, Chief Economist for NCBA


With cattle producers converging on San Antonio, Texas, for the Cattle Industry Annual Convention this week, most will be wondering about the economic outlook for 2010.

Many of them will be looking to Gregg Doud for answers.

Angus.org recently asked him to share his thoughts on the current status of the beef industry, and why he believes there are reasons to be optimistic.

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How Cold Stress Affects Newborn Calves

How Cold Stress Affects Newborn Calves

Heather Smith Thomas

Charolais Journal

Calves that are chilled at birth, without immediate assistance to warm/dry them and make sure they ingest colostrum in a timely manner, have poor survival rates. If a calf ’s mouth gets cold before he suckles, he may not be able to get the teat in his mouth and suck, and therefore does not obtain crucial energy (for keeping warm) and the antibodies he needs—to protect him against disease.

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Baxter Black, DVM:  COUNTY FAIRS, WHY?

Baxter Black, DVM:  COUNTY FAIRS, WHY?

 “Most people just don’t get it,” said Ron, bemoaning the urban politicians that continue to whittle away at funding for county fairs and the ag extension service. “It’s all about the kids learning real life.”

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Utah farmers fear cow tax

Utah farmers fear cow tax

Randall Jeppesen


A group of Utah’s farmers is voicing concern that new regulations on greenhouse gases could end up becoming a cow tax that could put farmers out of business.

Under the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed fees for business operations that emit more than 100 tons of carbon dioxide annually. The problem for Utah’s farmers, according to Utah Farm Bureau CEO Randy Parker, is that cows and pigs produce a lot of CO2 through natural processes.

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Grayson Co. Commissioners approve resolution supporting cattle ranchers

Grayson Co. Commissioners approve resolution supporting cattle ranchers


A proposed cap and trade bill and anti-animal antibiotics bill before Congress could mean trouble for local cattle ranchers in Grayson County.

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History of Cedar Rapids meatpacking plant recalled as demolition nears

History of Cedar Rapids meatpacking plant recalled as demolition nears

Cindy Hadish


Listen to a group of Farmstead Foods retirees tell their stories, and life at the former meatpacking plant sounds rather spirited.

There was the time a cow escaped to the Cedar River and was finally caught near the Shack Tavern. Another cow made it to the roof, where it was shot and lifted off with a crane.

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Video Feature: Biopic of Animal Whisperer Temple Grandin Screens This Weekend

Finding a pop-culture analogue to animal scientist Temple Grandin seems kind of like starting a stock without onions, carrots and celery. Won’t happen.

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Breeder Brought Red Angus To Canada

Breeder Brought Red Angus To Canada

AG Canada

Though Don Mackenzie can’t remember a time without cattle, he has dispersed his purebred Red Angus herd. But he won’t have to go far to stay involved with daughter Jade taking a run at a third generation on the ranch nestled on the flat prairie in full view of Chief Mountain and the majestic Rockies stretching north as far as the eye can see.

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Beer and massage for Powys farmer’s rare Wagyu cattle

Beer and massage for Powys farmer’s rare Wagyu cattle


One Welsh farmer is feeding his cows beer to help them relax, and he even throws in the occasional massage.

Ifor Humphreys is one of only a handful of UK breeders who keeps Japanese Wagyu cattle, and in a deal with a local brewery he gives them four pints a day.

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Iowa Seedstock Producer of the Year

Iowa Seedstock Producer of the Year

The Cattle Business Weekly

Dale Studer of Studer Shorthorns, Creston, Iowa, has been named as Iowa’s Seedstock Producer of the Year. The coveted award, sponsored annually by the Iowa Beef Breeds Council, is being awarded to Dale Studer on Monday, February 15, 2010 at the Expo Kick-Off Program; which is scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m. in the cattle barn foyer at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

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NCBA REPORT – Beef Industry Needs To Fight Its Threats

NCBA REPORT – Beef Industry Needs To Fight Its Threats


At the official opening ceremony of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association annual convention in San Antonio, Texas.

Chairman of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board Lucinda Williams said that the industry needs the beef checkoff system and it needs it to be responsive to everyone in it.

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Q&A:   How much urea can be consumed daily by range cattle on low quality pasture grass before urea toxicity becomes a concern?

Q&A:   How much urea can be consumed daily by range cattle on low quality pasture grass before urea toxicity becomes a concern?

Dr. Rick Rasby, Professor of Animal Science, Animal Science, University of Nebraska

A:   Urea supplies part of the protein equivalent in many of the commercial supplements formulated for beef cattle today. Urea is a non-protein nitrogen (NPN) compound. The urea used in livestock feeds is a synthetic compound. Urea is also used in the fertilizer industry and when nitrogen fertilizer goes up, so does the price of urea.

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Costs, Benefits of Beef Quality

Costs, Benefits of Beef Quality

Steve Suther


Producers try to manage cattle and resources based on market incentives, but that’s not simple when signals change faster than they can make adjustments.

Sometimes it helps to step back and check the flow.

Iowa State University (ISU) helped do that back in 2002 when it published, “Assessing the Cost of Beef Quality.” That study showed it generally pays, depending on the USDA Choice and Select beef price.

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Belted Galloways: Rugged but gentle

Belted Galloways: Rugged but gentle

Jan Swan Wood

Tri State Livestock News

The Belted Galloway come in an array of stunning colors like black, red or dun, with a white band around the middle, giving them the appearance of a fluffy, cream filled cookie. Their long, luxurious hair protects them from the elements, while the color sets them apart from their more conservatively dressed Galloway cousins.

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How Long Can We Go?

How Long Can We Go?

J. Neil Orth

Charolais Journal

If we took the majority of industry news (or, for that matter, any current news,) at face value, one could sink into deep depression. As with anything, there are lots of numbers involved and all that data serves as indicators needing interpretation.

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