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I made the trip to Texas this fall and was able to revisit a couple of monumental memories, just to see if they were real.

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Steve Cornett:  Don’t Forget to Write

Steve Cornett:  Don’t Forget to Write

Beef Today

As the New Year approaches, this is the last week for what?

You’re thinking about moving bills into the old year, aren’t you? Or, if it’s been one of THOSE years for you, maybe trying to shift some income forward?

Not me. I don’t like managing taxes. I like bloviating about agricultural politics. So for me, this is the last week to submit comments to the Department of Justice on what you think is wrong with the way the cattle business is structured.

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Implications for Cow-Calf Producers

Implications for Cow-Calf Producers

Southern Livestock Standard

As the Japanese and other foreign markets reopened to U.S. beef, there became increasing demand for source- and age-verified cattle. These export markets require that age and source claims be documented and verified through a recognized USDA program. These programs include the USDA Process Verified Program (PVP) or a USDA Quality System Assessment (QSA), two separate programs that will meet the export requirements of all our trading partners.

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Quality Grade:What is driving the recent upswing?

Quality Grade:What is driving the recent upswing?

CAB Partners

Speaking at the 2009 ReciprocalMeat Conference, scientists (Johnson, 2009; Hocquette, 2009) illustrated the important contribution marbling makes to the three key components of consumer satisfaction – tenderness, flavor and juiciness. When tenderness is acceptable, the ultimate demand driver is beef ’s unique flavor, and perhaps the most significant contributor to that flavor profile is marbling.

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Investors see farms as way to grow Detroit

Investors see farms as way to grow Detroit

P.J. Huffstutter

Los Angles Times

On the city’s east side, where auto workers once assembled cars by the millions, nature is taking back the land.

Cottonwood trees grow through the collapsed roofs of homes stripped clean for scrap metal. Wild grasses carpet the rusty shells of empty factories, now home to pheasants and wild turkeys.

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Cows Thrive on Standing Forage for Fall, Winter Grazing

Cows Thrive on Standing Forage for Fall, Winter Grazing

Del Deterling

DTN/Progressive Farmer

Dean Hopkins believes he has found a cheaper way to winter cows.

Instead of feeding expensive hay and supplement, he makes greater use of standing grasses in the field for late fall and early winter grazing. By the time this standing grass is utilized, ryegrass or clover is available to carry cows until bermudagrass greens up in the spring.

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OSU Scientist Talks Beef in China

OSU Scientist Talks Beef in China


China’s appetite for beef is growing at a long-term trend rate that is unparalleled by any other major consuming market. That is one reason that Oklahoma State University’s Dr Brad Morgan, department of animal science meat scientist, recently traveled to all-corners of China and talked to several purchasing groups regarding the usefulness, high quality and safety associated with the current US beef offering.

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USDA approves eTattoo™  as First Official UHF Indentification Device

USDA approves eTattoo™  as First Official UHF Indentification Device

Eriginate™ Corporation announced today the approval of its eTattoo™  tag by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The approval marks the first ultra-high radio frequency identification tag (UHF RFID) and the first non-low frequency tag (LF) to be approved for use with the “840” Animal Identification Number (AIN).

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Junior Beefmaster Breeders Begin Show Season

Junior Beefmaster Breeders Begin Show Season

Cattle Today

Members of the Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association (JBBA) kicked off a new show season recently that will run through the spring of 2010. JBBA exhibitors head into the season riding a wave of momentum from a successful year in 2009.

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BeefTalk: Maybe We Should Slow Down and Ask for Directions

BeefTalk: Maybe We Should Slow Down and Ask for Directions

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Perhaps now is the time to stop, ponder a bit and appreciate what we have.

As the year comes to a close, many thoughts come to mind. These thoughts are embedded with questions. What makes these thoughts unique for each person is a combination of time and place.

Questions for older or younger people are anchored at a different point in time. Of course, someone living in Argentina is going to view things differently than someone living in the United States.

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ICA Annual Convention Preview

ICA Annual Convention Preview


Ames, Iowa – Steve Hunt, CEO, U.S. Premium Beef and Dr. Dan Thomson, Kansas State University are scheduled to be the Opening General Session speakers at the 2010 ICA Annual Convention. During the Tuesday’s Luncheon, Daren Williams, NCBA, Executive Director of Communications, will recognize the Iowa graduates of the Master of Beef Advocacy program. The Brand Wall ceremony, 2009 county membership awards and BQA state award will be presented.

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Cattle winter health problems

Cattle winter health problems

Victoria Advocate

For many beef cattle producers, managing a herd through the winter months can be a challenge.

When you consider the hot and dry spring and summer we experienced, it’s no surprise cattle become stressed.

As a result, they become thin with a suppressed immune system making them more susceptible to disease.

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Bloat Problem Studied With New Technology

Bloat Problem Studied With New Technology

Hay and Forage Grower

Switching from warm-season grasses to cool-season forages can give livestock bellyaches, in some cases, deadly ones, according to Texas AgriLife Research scientists.

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Strategies for Sustainable Farming

Strategies for Sustainable Farming

 James Nold Jr.

Kentucky Living

Learning how to balance resources on the farm�in harmony with nature�in order to provide a higher quality of life for farmers and communities, now and for future generations

Beth and Doug Tillery have been farming for 31 years on a 300-acre farm in Jackson County, near McKee, that they bought from his parents. They started out growing tobacco, raising hogs, and milking cows.

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Ohio State Fair Expands Market Beef Projects

Ohio State Fair Expands Market Beef Projects

Coshocton Tribune

Ohio youths enrolled in market beef projects will have the opportunity to participate in a program rewarding cattle for traits that add value to a market beef animal, in a real world scenario. The Beef Performance and Carcass Quality (BPCQ) Contest will be conducted once again as part of the 2010 Junior Beef Show at the Ohio State Fair. This is a chance for youth exhibitors to gain practical experience in feeding and marketing cattle.

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