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Feeding round bales to cattle — improving the efficiency

Feeding round bales to cattle — improving the efficiency

Trevor Lennox

Prairie Post

Winter feed represents the largest single cost on a cow-calf operation. Therefore when looking to reduce the cost-of-production, it is very important to take a long and hard look at winter feed costs. The old saying, “a penny saved is a penny earned” remains very true when feeding beef cattle.

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Guidelines For Feeding Moldy Corn

Guidelines For Feeding Moldy Corn


Marcia Shannon, Missouri state swine nutrition specialist, offers advice to farmers how best to feed this year’s moldy corn, without adversely affecting the health or productivity of farm livestock and poultry.

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“Just One of The Guys”

“Just One of The Guys”

Dan Rieder

Simmental Register

“I love the fact that my friends don’t treat me any differently than they treat everyone else,” says Cramer Schneider, 14, of Georgetown, Kentucky. Now a freshman at Scott County High School, he’s known most of his classmates since the first grade, and they accept him for the bright, personable individual he is.

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Winter Nutrition

Winter Nutrition

Tim Ackarman

American Cattlemen

 Feed is the single highest production expense for most beef operations. Cattlemen should take steps now to ensure they have adequate resources to fully meet their herd’s winter nutritional needs at the lowest possible cost.

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Sorry, Vegans: Brussels Sprouts Like to Live, Too

Sorry, Vegans: Brussels Sprouts Like to Live, Too


New York Times

But before we cede the entire moral penthouse to “committed vegetarians” and “strong ethical vegans,” we might consider that plants no more aspire to being stir-fried in a wok than a hog aspires to being peppercorn-studded in my Christmas clay pot.

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Nutritional readiness for seedstock sales

Nutritional readiness for seedstock sales

Codi Vallery-Mills

The Cattle Business Weekly

Ask any cattleman what he looks for in seedstock for his cowherd and the terms "longevity and hardiness" will most likely be listed. If you are a seedstock producer these are terms you want your bulls to live up to. So how do you go about producing these types of animals? While genetics is part of it, nutrition is another.

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Checkoff Helps Producers Share Their Stories

Checkoff Helps Producers Share Their Stories

Cattle Today

Beef and dairy producers are increasingly finding their industries under attack from all angles, including misinformed national media articles, and environmental and nutrition activism.

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Convicted by feds, King now faces state charges

Convicted by feds, King now faces state charges

Magic Valley Times News

With a federal trial behind him, Burley-area feedlot manager Cory King will next confront state charges of environmental mismanagement at his operation.

King was sentenced this month to three years’ probation and four months’ home confinement for injecting fluids into an underground aquifer without a permit and lying to investigators about it in 2005.

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KCA industry meetings draws hundreds and organizational support

KCA industry meetings draws hundreds and organizational support

High Plains Journal

Hundreds of cattlemen came out to a number of industry meetings held across the state. Kansas Cattlemen’s Association hosted five meetings to discuss industry issues. The interest and show of supported at the meetings demonstrated the need for continued work on issues including animal identification, property rights, and increasing producers’ profitability.

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Check calves’ ears when resting

Check calves’ ears when resting


When it comes to detecting mycoplasma pneumonia in calves, most producers know to look for droopy ears. However, if the only time you look at calves’ ears is at feeding time, you will probably miss the early signs of this disease, explains Ricardo Rosenbusch, professor of veterinary microbiology at Iowa State University.

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U.S. should be global monitor for animal diseases: Institute

U.S. should be global monitor for animal diseases: Institute

David Morgan


The United States needs to lead a global effort to protect people from new outbreaks of deadly infectious diseases that originate in animals, such as swine flu, AIDS and SARS, health experts said Tuesday.

Air travel, climate change, population growth and rising demand for meat products from developing countries have accelerated the spread of "zoonotic" diseases, according to a panel set up by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council.

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The Grass-Fed Revolution

The Grass-Fed Revolution


Until he saw the light, Jon Taggart–6 ft. 5 in., jeans, white cowboy hat, Texas twang–was a rancher like any other in the southern Great Plains. He crowded his cattle onto pasture sprayed with weed killers and fertilizers. When they were half grown, he shipped them in diesel-fueled trucks to huge feedlots. There they were stuffed with corn and soy–pesticide treated, of course–and implanted with synthetic hormones to make them grow faster.

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The Decade in Meat: From the McRib Comeback to a President Obama Meat Blunder

The Decade in Meat: From the McRib Comeback to a President Obama Meat Blunder

Bradford Schmidt

Broward Palm Beach New Times

Growing up, I was always a fan of those ubiquitous "best of the year" stories that news outlets put together every December, so I thought it fitting that I give a little something back this year to the thing that has given so much to me through the two-thousand-aughts. Of course, I’m talking about meat products.

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Beef Group Challenges EPA Climate Finding

Beef Group Challenges EPA Climate Finding

Fox Business Network

A beef industry group has challenged a ruling by U.S. environmental regulators that greenhouse gas emissions endanger human health, saying the move would hurt agriculture.

The ruling earlier this month by the Environmental Protection Agency earlier opens the way for regulation of six heat-trapping gases without new laws passed by Congress.

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Farmers fret Bay cleanup

Farmers fret Bay cleanup

Margie Hyslop


Farmers across the Chesapeake Bay watershed are worried about federal plans to enforce a cleanup of the estuary that seven jurisdictions, including Maryland, agreed to more than 25 years ago.

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