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Highlights of New USDA Report On The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture

Highlights of New USDA Report On The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture


Based on a consensus of recent scientific research and modeling, a new report from USDA concludes that climate change is already affecting U.S. agriculture, land resources, water resources and biodiversity. The report, “The Effects of Climate Change on U.S. Ecosystems,” identifies many of the effects of climate change on agriculture and other ecosystems in the U.S. over the next several decades. The USDA report was done in cooperation with the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP).

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Expand on Your Knowledge

Expand on Your Knowledge

Loretta Sorenson

American Cattlemen

Educational opportunities for cattlemen are as numerous as breed options and production philosophies. Instructional offerings in a variety of formats can be found at every level of production: local, state, regional and national. Breed associations, extension educators and industry experts all provide learning venues on an ongoing basis.

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Q&A:  Protein Cubes vs Hay

Q&A:  Protein Cubes vs Hay

Q:   I have been told that it is less costly and just as more beneficial to feed protein cubes to my herd instead of hay.

Dr. Rick Rasby, Professor of Animal Science, Animal Science, University of Nebraska

A:   It depends. Hay is an energy source. Depending on the quality, it could also be a good protein source, but in most situations hay would be fed to meet the energy needs of the beef cow. If the hay is alfalfa that is average quality or better, it would also be a good protein source.

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What Worked, What Didn’t?

What Worked, What Didn’t?

Troy Smith

Angus Productions Inc.

A highlight of the final day of the 2009 Range Beef Cow Symposium in Casper, Wyo., four ranchers shared their best and worst decisions in the ranching business. Burlington, Colo., seedstock producer Troy Marshall said it was easy to determine the best decision he and wife Lorna have made.

“Our best decision was to enter the cattle business and raise our kids in that lifestyle,” Marshall said. “We believe it provides a great foundation for life.”

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OSU scientist talks beef in China

OSU scientist talks beef in China


There is no question that China’s beef sector is attracting the interest of investors and world beef exporters. After decades of low prices, Chinese live cattle prices of roughly $1 per pound are higher than those of even the United States.

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Major Public Health Group Calls for Ban on Dairy, Beef Hormones

Major Public Health Group Calls for Ban on Dairy, Beef Hormones

Jane Akre


It is a major announcement for consumers who prefer foods unadulterated with hormones.

Public health and consumer groups are applauding the decision by the 50,000 member American Public Health Association (APHA) to call for a ban on the use of recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) in dairy cows, and a slate of growth hormones used in beef cattle.

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Bull Buying Values

Bull Buying Values


The Cattleman

Your bull supplier is sort of your partner in your cow-calf herd. Price is important, but money can’t buy respect, reputation, loyalty and support.

Cowboy folklore depicts the campfire as the gathering place for many outfits that were on the trail or out gathering and branding. Laughter and even singing were signs the trail-weathered veterans were just as good at having a good time as they were with a rope and iron. The camaraderie built amongst crews often meant the difference between successful ventures or failures. Drovers put their lives in each others’ hands and a firm handshake sealed the deal.

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Extension Service plans Beef IQ program

Extension Service plans Beef IQ program

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

The University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service is once again offering its Beef IQ program.

This program, which has been attended by more than 140 cattle producers, is now in its fourth year – and fifth location. For those who are not familiar with the program, it is an in-depth, informal educational activity for cattle producers and managers.

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Six farmers come together to form Heritage Beef

Six farmers come together to form Heritage Beef

Lyle Ganther

BCR News

Six Amish Mennonite farmers have come together to market their Devon beef cattle in a company called Heritage Beef.

"We started the first of this year," said Sheldon Headings, who lives in rural Sheffield near Thomas in northwestern Bureau County, the spokesman for the company.

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Ibach gives update on Nebraska’s Bovine TB update

Ibach gives update on Nebraska’s Bovine TB update


Nebraska Agriculture Director Greg Ibach provided an update today on the state’s ongoing epidemiological work associated with Nebraska’s bovine tuberculosis (TB) case.

“We continue to make positive progress in several areas of the epidemiological investigation,” Ibach said, “and we are pleased with the results, to date, that show no additional positive TB cases after 20,000 animals tested.”

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Livestock Angles: Demand still key cattle factor

Livestock Angles: Demand still key cattle factor

The Land

December is starting out with cattle and hog markets moving quickly in opposite directions. It seems only a few months ago that the opposite was true with cattle rallying while hogs were under constant pressure.

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Sixth Annual Southwest Beef Symposium

Sixth Annual Southwest Beef Symposium


Canyon News

Texas AgriLife Extension Service Texas and New Mexico Extension agencies will hold their sixth annual Southwest Beef Symposium on Jan. 20-21 at the Tucumcari Convention Center in Tucumcari, N.M. Dr. Bruce Carpenter, Texas AgriLife Extension Service livestock specialist at Fort Stockton, said the symposium is tailored for southwestern beef producers.

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Farmers and Ranchers Cow/Calf College at USMARC Jan. 19

Farmers and Ranchers Cow/Calf College at USMARC Jan. 19

Media Newswire

The annual Farmers and Ranchers Cow/Calf College "Partners in Progress – Beef Seminar" will be Jan. 19 at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center and Great Plains Veterinary Education Center near Clay Center.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension’s Farmers and Ranchers College program will feature two nationally-known speakers discussing issues and management strategies that can affect the profitability of all beef producers.

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Beef Cattle Reproductive Strategies Workshop Jan. 28-29

Beef Cattle Reproductive Strategies Workshop Jan. 28-29

Southwest Farm Press

The Beef Reproduction Task Force and the National Cattlemen´s Beef Association is teaming up to offer the Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Workshop at the 2010 Cattle Industry Convention in San Antonio Jan. 28-29, 2010.

"The meeting is for producers, veterinarians and AI (artificial insemination) technicians, as well as anyone interested in beef cattle reproduction," said Kansas State University animal scientist Sandy Johnson.

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Nebraska’s bovine TB scare nearly over

Nebraska’s bovine TB scare nearly over

Miami Herald

Nebraska agriculture officials expect that by spring, no more cattle herds in the state will be quarantined because no new cases of bovine tuberculosis were found in the months long investigation that’s nearly done.

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