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Back up Your Stocker Calves with Good Cow Herd Management

Back up Your Stocker Calves with Good Cow Herd Management

Kristen Odom

The Cattle Man

Let buyers know what to expect from your calves by letting them know how you manage your cows.

Having a management program in place is key for the calf crop going into a feedyard, but it is equally important to have an efficient management program for the cow herd and to let buyers know about it.

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Guilty plea in high-tech cattle rustling

Guilty plea in high-tech cattle rustling

Joy Powell

Minneapolis Star Tribune

 The former manager of a South St. Paul cooperative has pleaded guilty to a long-running scheme in which he embezzled more than $1.4 million by faking cattle sales – then gambled the loot at casinos.

 Barry J. May, 45, of Randolph, Minn., pleaded guilty Wednesday in Dakota County District Court to four felonies that account for $700,000 to $800,000 in losses for his former employer, Central Livestock Association (CLA).

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$17 Million to train beginning farmers and ranchers

$17 Million to train beginning farmers and ranchers

The Cattle Business Weekly

More than $17 million in grants will be awarded to 29 institutions to address the needs of beginning farmers and ranchers and enhance the sustainability and competitiveness of U.S. agriculture.

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Bob Larson

Angus Journal

There are a few diseases that are more common in colder months. As we move into winter, it is a good time to review one of the important cold-weather diseases — listeriosis. Although listeriosis can occur in grazing animals, it occurs most commonly in animals fed improperly fermented silage or baleage. The two most common problems that listeria causes in cattle are a nervous system problem (often called circling disease) and late-term abortions.

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Animal ethics professor offers advice to beef industry

Animal ethics professor offers advice to beef industry

Amanda Nolz

Tri State Livestock News

If ever there was an opportunity to learn about beef production from a different point of view, it was when Dr. Bernie Rollin, an animal ethics professor and philosopher from Colorado State University, pulled into Brookings, SD on Nov. 16, 2009 to speak on the South Dakota State University campus.

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Q&A: As corn is generally used, is there any truth to feeding barley over corn for better product flavor?

Q&A: As corn is generally used, is there any truth to feeding barley over corn for better product flavor?

Dr. Chris Calkins, Professor, Meat Science, Animal Science Department, University of Nebraska

A:   I know of no scientific evidence that feeding barley to beef cattle results in more flavorful beef. I am attaching a paper written by Dr. J.D. Tatum of Colorado State University where he explains there are few differences between barley and corn-fed beef. When differences exist, they tend to favor corn.

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Cattlemen Fight Back, Tell Their Story On Billboards

Cattlemen Fight Back, Tell Their Story On Billboards

Southern Livestock Standard

Tired of the negative image being portrayed regarding animal agriculture, the Montana Farm Bureau Federation is fighting back – one billboard at a time.

The billboards, with a photo and slogan, are part of a year-long campaign by the MFBF to put a face on agriculture and show that producers really do care for their animals.

The newest billboard was unveiled in Missoula, Mont., on Nov. 9, just in time for the MFBF Convention held there.

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