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Ohio State Fair to offer Junior Beef Performance and Carcass Quality Contest

Ohio State Fair to offer Junior Beef Performance and Carcass Quality Contest

Ag Answers

Ohio youth enrolled in market beef projects will have the opportunity to participate in a program rewarding cattle for traits that add value to a market beef animal, in a real world scenario.

The Beef Performance and Carcass Quality (BPCQ) Contest will be conducted once again as part of the 2010 Junior Beef Show at the Ohio State Fair. This is a chance for youth exhibitors to gain practical experience in feeding and marketing cattle.


Effect of Body Condition on Rebreeding

Effect of Body Condition on Rebreeding

William E. Kunkle and Robert S. Sand, University of Florida

Variation in body condition of beef cows has several implications that can be used for management decisions. The number of days to estrus and milk production is related to the conditions of cows at calving. The services per conception and calving interval of the cows is related to condition at breeding. The percentage of open cows, the calving interval of cows that breed, milk produced by the cow and subsequent weaning weight of the calf, is closely related to the condition of the cows at calving and during breeding.



Ways To Dispose Of Farm Medical Wastes

Ways To Dispose Of Farm Medical Wastes

Southern Livestock Standard

Livestock producers can potentially generate medical waste on a daily basis. These wastes include: needles, syringes  and scalpels, empty drug or vaccine vials and outdated drugs. As stewards of the environment, livestock producers should take precautions to assure that medical wastes do not become hazards to themselves, their families, their operations or the community.


Who’s Afraid of the EPA?

Who’s Afraid of the EPA?

DTN’s Washington Insider

Is rural dust a health problem? The EPA might think so.  A key aspect of the climate change debate is that it is taking place largely in response to threats that are unusually “up close and personal,” as they say.


Bieber inducted into Hereford Hall of Fame

Bieber inducted into Hereford Hall of Fame

Tri State Livestock News

Ken Bieber of K&B Herefords, Onida, SD, was inducted into the Hereford Hall of Fame Nov. 2 in Kansas City during the American Hereford Association (AHA) Annual Membership Meeting. The Hall of Fame honor annually recognizes breeders who’ve dynamically influenced the direction and advancement of the Hereford breed.


Buying Added Stocker Value

Buying Added Stocker Value

Wes Ishmael

BEEF Magazine

Depending on who’s running the abacus, purchase price drives profit opportunity in the stocker business. But, the price paid is still relative to the health risk and gain potential.


How long is the interval from calving to return to heat in 2 year-olds?

How long is the interval from calving to return to heat in 2 year-olds?

Dr. Glenn Selk, Extension Cattle Specialist, Oklahoma State University

Research data sets have shown conclusively that cows that calve in thin body condition but regain weight and condition going into the breeding season do not rebreed at the same rate as those that calve in good condition and maintain that condition into the breeding season.


Adding Fat To The Diet Can Improve Reproductive Performance

Adding Fat To The Diet Can Improve Reproductive Performance

Rick Funston, University of Nebraska, Shelby Filley, Oregon State University

Adequate nutrition is critical for successful reproductive function. Inadequate dietary energy intake and poor body condition can negatively affect reproductive function. Supplemental lipids have been used to increase the energy density of the diet and avoid negative associative effects often experienced with cereal grains (Coppock and Wilks, 1991; Bowman and Sanson, 1996). Supplemental lipids may also have direct positive effects on reproduction in beef cattle independent of the energy contribution.


Forage Focus: Hay As A Tool

Forage Focus: Hay As A Tool


Although much has been said and written about the high cost of producing hay, it doesn’t appear that beef cattle farmers are going to give up the practice of making and using hay on the farm anytime soon. Therefore, I want to propose that hay be looked at as a tool.


St. Joseph animal health firm gets expansion aid

St. Joseph animal health firm gets expansion aid


A Missouri board has approved $2 million in bonds to help finance a $130 million expansion at a St. Joseph animal health company.

The state incentives will help pay for site preparation and sidewalks at the headquarters of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc.


Grid Premiums Show Benefits of Value-Based Marketing

Grid Premiums Show Benefits of Value-Based Marketing

Cattle Today

When you get a bonus on grid cattle, sometimes it’s easier to count your blessings than to ask why.

But Tom Brink, senior vice president for Five Rivers Cattle Feeding, says taking a look at discounts and premiums can help you get more of the latter. Tapping into their database, Brink analyzed more than 300,000 cattle records for correlations with grid components. The results are based on a handful of value-based marketing options that mirror those popular in the industry.


Cattle Feeding Still Bleeds Red Ink

Cattle Feeding Still Bleeds Red Ink

BEEF Magazine

Even though feed costs are significantly lower this year than last, cattle feeders are still struggling to find profit on average.

In fact, Livestock Marketing Information Center (LMIC) analysts noted last week that projected cash returns for 2009 will be the second poorest on record – last year was the worst.


Why ‘eco-friendly foods’ can be worse for the environment

Why ‘eco-friendly foods’ can be worse for the environment


Farm Weekly

SO-CALLED “environmentally responsible” food purchases need to be based on sound science rather than merely perception as work out of Washington State University has shown that those foods consumers tend to think are “intuitively correct” may indeed be the least environmentally friendly option.


Willcox set for new meat packing plant

Willcox set for new meat packing plant

J.D. Wallace


A new meat packing plant could be helping Arizona beef cattle ranchers soon.

On Monday night the Willcox City Council changed an ordinance to allow meat packing within city limits.  An old apple warehouse could soon be a new plant for tri western meat packing and bring up to 60 new jobs in the next few years.


A Natural Fit

A Natural Fit

Lacey Altwegg

Angus Journal

Imagine buying the highest-quality natural beef, without dining at a five-star, white-tablecloth restaurant. It’s a reality now, and it’s in the heart of Oklahoma cattle country.

It was 20 years ago that Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB)-licensed retailer Reasor’s grocery store signed the dotted line to sell the Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) brand. The 15-store chain was the first to climb the ladder to include CAB Prime in 2000. Reasor’s continuous commitment to serve the best pointed to the highest rung, offering CAB Prime Natural in their meatcases.