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Video Feature: Marketing Cull Cows

Cull cows add the profits to the beef operation. Producers can increase the returns from these animalsby following a few management guidelines.

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As Cows Eat, So Grow the Calves

As Cows Eat, So Grow the Calves

Miranda Reiman

Certified Angus Beef

Your cow herd checklist might look pretty sparse after the calves are weaned and rebreeding is confirmed. Maybe the cows regained some condition and they’re coasting now on crop residue. Next item would be, what, calving?

More properly, the next item would be nutrition during late gestation. New results from the University of Nebraska’s West Central Research and Extension Center say cow nutrition in the months before calving can determine their calves’ future production.

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Increased productivity shrinks carbon footprint of cattle

Increased productivity shrinks carbon footprint of cattle

Washington State University

Discussion of the environmental impact of animal agriculture is very different when discussed in terms of productivity instead of individual animals, according to one of the newest members of the WSU Department of Animal Sciences.

 “You can’t just talk about ‘the cow,’” said Jude Capper, assistant professor of animal science. “We have to think about it on an output basis, whether it’s milk, beef, pork or poultry. From 1944 to 2007, the carbon footprint of the cow has doubled, but during that same time period, the carbon footprint per gallon of milk has decreased by more than two-thirds.”

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AFBF Congratulates Ohio and Texas on Victories

AFBF Congratulates Ohio and Texas on Victories


“Our congratulations go out to the Ohio and Texas Farm Bureaus this morning for the leadership roles they played in important and meaningful victories on ballot measures vital to the success of agriculture in both states. It’s clear that when voters have an opportunity to endorse straight-forward ballot language that supports traditional values and hard working farm and ranch families, they will do so overwhelmingly," Mr Stallman said.

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It’s the Little Things That Count… or Cost

It’s the Little Things That Count… or Cost

 Larry A. Redman, State Forage Specialist, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, College Station, Texas

Cattle Today

Oftentimes pasture management is viewed as a process involving highly visible management strategies that are expensive to implement. These strategies may involve establishment of a new forage variety costing hundreds of dollars per acre to development of elaborate fencing designs.

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Q&A:   We just started using some of the wet byproducts we are uncertain how to mix.

Q&A:   We just started using some of the wet byproducts we are uncertain how to mix.

Dr. Rick Rasby, Professor of Animal Science, Animal Science, University of Nebraska

A:   Corn bran and corn steep liquor are the main byproducts of corn sweetener and ethanol production and are the two major ingredients blended to produce wet corn gluten feed.

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Retained Placentas

Retained Placentas

Dr. J.E. Manspeaker, University of Maryland

Retention of fetal membranes (afterbirth) is observed more frequently in cattle, especially in dairy cattle, than in other animals. Normally a cow’s placenta is expelled within a 12-hour period after calving. If any part of the afterbirth is held for longer periods, it is considered to be pathological or abnormal.

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Ohio voters approve animal care initiative

Ohio voters approve animal care initiative

Farm Week Now

Voters approved Farm Bureau-backed plan by 2 to 1 margin.

Ohio voters agreed Tuesday to create a state board to protect the state’s livestock industry.

State Issue 2, a constitutional amendment to establish the 13-member Livestock Care Standards Board, was being approved by about 64 percent of voters, according to partial, unofficial results last night from the Ohio secretary of state.

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Colorado State researchers fit NM calf with double prosthetic hind limbs

Colorado State researchers fit NM calf with double prosthetic hind limbs


Minneapolis Star Tribune

Meadow the yearling Black Angus calf spends her days frolicking in northeastern New Mexico’s cattle country, all with her prosthetic hind legs.

The bucolic scene seemed impossible just a few months ago, when rancher Nancy Dickenson and her stepdaughter, Martha, found Meadow on a neighbor’s property.

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The value of giving beginning farmers a boost

The value of giving beginning farmers a boost

Janet Kubat Willette

Post Bulletin

Kathleen Merrigan, deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, announced $17 million in grants Tuesday aimed at helping young farmers.

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Meeting your meat: One woman’s farm-to-plate experience

Meeting your meat: One woman’s farm-to-plate experience


Chicago Sun Times

From the time I toddled, I dabbled in “cooking,” scrawling recipes with a newly acquired tripod grip. Sure, my early attempts — celery-stuffed, microwave-zapped mushrooms, anyone? — were laughable. But one thing has been true from the start: Food and I are linked.

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Cows’ Nutritional Needs Vary Due to Circumstances

Cows’ Nutritional Needs Vary Due to Circumstances

Heather Smith Thomas

Cattle Today

Nutritional needs of cows may vary considerably, depending on age (young and still growing, or mature, or old with poor teeth), size, breed, whether or not the cow is lactating and/or pregnant, whether the weather is warm or cold. Cattle can do well on many types of forage and feeds as long is it contains sufficient nutrients to meet their needs and is provided in adequate amounts.

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Interests of cattle producers being ignored

Interests of cattle producers being ignored

Vaughn Meyer

Argus Leader

It is unfortunate the U.S. beef industry cannot unite to prevent the extinction of the American cattleman and ensure a safe, wholesome food supply for our nation’s consumers.

Throughout the past decade we have watched with dismay as our national industries have transformed into multinational giants and shifted their procurement of domestically acquired resources abroad.

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New cuts of beef from UNL researchers

New cuts of beef from UNL researchers

Kiah Haslett

Omaha World Herald

Chris Calkins and other meat scientists have started a revolution in butcher shops and at supermarket meat counters.

They’re turning previously overlooked parts of the beef carcass into savory steaks, roasts and boneless ribs. The new cuts are less expensive than traditional steaks, they say, but comparable for flavor and tenderness.

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Nebraska Youth Beef Leadership Symposium planned Nov. 21-23

Nebraska Youth Beef Leadership Symposium planned Nov. 21-23

The FencePost

The seventh annual Nebraska Youth Beef Leadership Symposium Nov. 21-23 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will introduce Nebraska high school students to beef industry careers, current issues and an opportunity to use their leadership skills in product development activity.

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