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Video Feature: Nutritional Evaluation of Cow Herds

The nutritional status of the beef cow herd is linked to reproductive success, calfperformance and profitability. This has been established both scientifically and in practical “on farm” applications.

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“%IMF or Marbling Score…Which is it? How can I tell?”

“%IMF or Marbling Score…Which is it? How can I tell?”

Patrick Wall, Director of Communications, The National CUP Lab

With all of the incentives to raise Choice and Prime cattle, it’s easy to see why so much selection pressure has been placed on marbling. However, the industry has done a poor job of explaining how producers can use ultrasound to select for quality grade, how ultrasound “measures” marbling, and why it’s done in such a confusing fashion.

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Care of Newly Purchased Feeder Cattle

Care of Newly Purchased Feeder Cattle

Bonnard L. Moseley, College of Veterinary Medicine, Homer B. Sewell, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri

The way cattle are handled shortly before loading, during hauling, and the first two weeks in the feedlot has a great influence on the overall performance of feedlot cattle. There is no one program that will give best results for all feeder cattle, nor will the same results occur each year. "Cattle sense" is developed by close observation and experience.

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Manage Foot Rot to Protect Cattle Herd Performance

Manage Foot Rot to Protect Cattle Herd Performance

Hereford World

Producers who recognize foot rot and develop strategies to prevent and treat it can successfully protect their cattle herd’s performance. Causing an estimated 75% of all lameness diagnosed in beef cattle, foot rot, or interdigital dermatitis, can be detrimental to the health of a herd and profits of an operation.

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The Beef Center Contains All Things Beef

The Beef Center Contains All Things Beef


The Beef Center, http://www.thebeefcenter.com, hosts a wide range of production beef information in a variety of formats.

Producers can find Extension factsheets, YouTube videos, podcasts and PowerPoint presentations with narration on everything from nutrition and health to reproduction and waste management, said Ron Lemenager, Purdue Extension beef management specialist.

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Right Culling Program Can Boost Returns, Head Off Trouble

Right Culling Program Can Boost Returns, Head Off Trouble

Becky Mills

DTN/Progressive Farmer

Kay Richardson generally culls his cows at fall weaning. But they best be looking sharp year-round because for this producer, culling never ends.

"Culling is really a continuous process," says the Evinston, Fla., producer. "I might make the decision anytime."

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High Accuracy Sires Equal Market Value

High Accuracy Sires Equal Market Value

Sara Brown

Beef Today

Breeding cows to high accuracy sires yields heifers with greater genetic potential to be good mama cows. But that’s only half the equation. What about steers from AI sires? There’s value there too, says David Patterson, University of Missouri beef researcher.

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