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Grass-fed beef An organic journey

Grass-fed beef An organic journey

Douglas Brown

The Denver Post

Grass hugs much of the 595,000 acres of hills, valleys, and mountains that make up the Arapaho Ranch in north-central Wyoming. This sustains the thousands of cattle that live on the property, the largest organic, grass-fed cattle ranch in North America, a nearly 70-year-old enterprise on the Wind River Indian Reservation and run by the Northern Arapaho tribe.

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Beef Cattle Production Rules Of Thumb

Beef Cattle Production Rules Of Thumb

Advice given to beef cattle producers often comes in the form of rules of thumb. These are general guidelines that producers can then adjust and adapt to their own production settings. While these rules can be very helpful, they must be used in the proper production context to be appropriate.

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Livestock Forage Disaster payments issued

Livestock Forage Disaster payments issued


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that ranchers who have signed up for the Livestock Forage Disaster Program (LFP) have begun receiving disaster payments for forage losses due to severe drought. Producers are reminded that LFP sign up for 2008 losses ends Dec. 10, 2009, and Jan. 30, 2010, for 2009 losses.

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In Europe, A Cow Over Hormone-Treated U.S. Beef

In Europe, A Cow Over Hormone-Treated U.S. Beef

Eleanor Beardsley

National Public Radio

The U.S. and the European Union recently settled one of their longest-running trade disputes: over beef. Under the deal, the EU agreed to quadruple import quotas for hormone-free U.S. beef, but it still won’t import hormone-treated American beef, because many Europeans consider it unhealthy.

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Researchers hope to grow plants that fight mad-cow disease

Researchers hope to grow plants that fight mad-cow disease

In the not-so-distant future, Dr. Nat Kav hopes to be in a greenhouse tending a special crop of plants that could innoculate cattle against mad-cow disease.

Kav, an associate professor in the University of Albeta’s agriculture department, says the idea is to give cattle protection against bovine spongiform encepthalopathy by growing antibodies to the disease in plants they eat.

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Industry changes focus of Animal Manure Management Conference

Industry changes focus of Animal Manure Management Conference

AgriLife News

Changes in Texas’ livestock and poultry industries was the theme of the two keynote speakers on Sept. 29, the first day of the two-day Texas Animal Manure Management Issues Conference held in Round Rock.

Other conference presentations included a series of science-based technical sessions on environmental and economic issues relating to poultry, dairy and beef cattle operations.

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College Aggies Online launched

College Aggies Online launched


The American National CattleWomen Inc is excited to announce the launch of College Aggies Online, a new program aimed at helping today’s college students become confident advocates for the agriculture industry. “We are very fortunate to be working with Animal Agriculture Alliance on this project”, said Bonnie Bargstedt, ANCW Committee Co-Chair. “They have the most accurate information and available expertise on today’s commercial animal agriculture practices.”

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