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Just Say No to Junk Journalism

Just Say No to Junk Journalism

Ron Phillips

Animal Health Institute

Junk claims lead to junk conclusions, and Ezra Klein’s column “Just Say No to Antibacterial Burgers” is full of both.

Junk Claim #1: Antibiotics are in food.

Antibiotics used to keep food animals healthy are strictly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The stringent approval process includes FDA setting withdrawal times based on trials to ensure antibiotic residues above strict limits don’t end up in the meat from the animal. There’s another checkpoint at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where inspectors test meat products to make sure there are no violative antibiotic residues in the meat.

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Genetic Factors: The Threat of TH and PHA

Genetic Factors: The Threat of TH and PHA

Marty Ropp, American Simmental Association Director of Field Operations

Simmental Register

While the American Simmental Association Board of Trustees wrestles with rules and procedures to identify and guard against the proliferation of two new genetic defects within the Simmental population, it is important that our members be informed and make good decisions to reduce the impacts of these potentially destructive genes.

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Livestock Production: Are There Any Positives?

Livestock Production: Are There Any Positives?

The Farm Gate

If it produces meat, milk or eggs, and you produce it with the intent of profitability, it will be spotlighted today. USDA’s new reports on livestock, meat prices, and the feed outlook are all the focus for livestock producers who have had a tough time lately making ends meet. Is there anything to be encouraged about?

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Get to Know Your Beef Checkoff

Get to Know Your Beef Checkoff


Take your shot at the “MyBeefCheckoff Quiz” — and get the latest information about your checkoff investments. Four random quiz participants with the right answers win a prize! Click to take the survey.

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Blogging on the range: Farmers link to consumers via social media

Blogging on the range: Farmers link to consumers via social media

Ching Lee

California Farm Bureau Federation

Whether he’s strolling through the corral, doing payroll at his desk or checking on a newborn calf, Stanislaus County dairy farmer Ray Prock likes to stop by what he calls his "virtual watercooler" to chat about his favorite topic: agriculture.

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NCBA Young Producers’ Council Takes to the Blogosphere

NCBA Young Producers’ Council Takes to the Blogosphere

Next generation of cattle producers discussing key issues in new blog “Cattle Call”

This is not your father’s cattle industry any more. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s (NCBA) Young Producers’ Council (YPC) has motivated the newest faces of U.S. cattle production to tell their story on the organization’s blog, Cattle Call (http://ypcblog.beefusa.org/).

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Q&A:   Is ammoniated straw still a good source of feed for stock cows?

Q&A:   Is ammoniated straw still a good source of feed for stock cows?

Dr. Rick Rasby, Professor of Animal Science, Animal Science, University of Nebraska

A:   It is, but anhydrous has been expensive and so the ammoniation process has not been economical. The ammoniation process is a temperature dependent process and when done in July, the straw needs to be sealed for about a week. This time of year, the straw will need to be air-tight or three to four weeks. That poses some challenges.

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