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Don’t vary routes of administration

Don’t vary routes of administration

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian

Physicians are known for their oath of “first, do no harm” to their patients. Though this is not in the veterinary oath, these words should be taken to heart, especially regarding the administration of drugs.

Using unapproved routes of administration in food animals can lead to ineffectiveness of the drug, residue violations, injection site reactions, food safety and quality issues and illness or death in the animal.

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What is JBS Thinking?

What is JBS Thinking?

Steve Cornett

Beef Today

What can JBS be thinking, trying to buy Pilgrim’s Pride?

Don’t they know the Obama Administration’s trust-busters have been sitting there waiting for just such a nice, fat dove to land on the fence wire so they could display their marksmanship to their fellow populists ?

Not that I don’t feel for the Pilgrim’s folks in bankruptcy. I always thought Mr. Pilgrim was a nice guy, even if he is from the fowl industry.

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Heterosis—Ignored or Forgotten

Heterosis—Ignored or Forgotten

Dr. David Daley, California State University-Chico, Chico, CA


So why are we still talking about heterosis? I remember attending a cattlemen’s meeting in 1967, in Bangor, California (population of 194!) when I was nine years old. Our Farm Advisor gave this very clear, simplistic report on crossbreeding — and the data was irrefutable.

Crossbreeding generated economic returns for commercial beef producers. The following spring, my Dad purchased the first Angus bulls to be used on a herd that ran very heavy to Hereford, with a smattering of “Durham” (Shorthorn) influence. It was not necessarily a popular decision with all of the neighbors!

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Add pounds to calves with timely vaccinations, de-worming

Add pounds to calves with timely vaccinations, de-worming

By David Barz, D.V.M.,

Livestock Roundup

I think I set a record! This is the first year in the 35-plus years I’ve lived in South Dakota that I have had to mow my lawn every week.

Usually by the Fourth of July my mower sits idle until fall when I use it to rake leaves. Not only did the rains make more work for me, but it really produced an abundance of pasture grass.

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In the Genes of a Hereford, the Essence of Cow

In the Genes of a Hereford, the Essence of Cow


New York Times

Scientists have achieved what they describe as a major milestone in animal genetics: decoding the genome of the cow.

The findings provide “tantalizing clues to explain ‘the essence of bovinity,’ ” according to an essay in the journal Science, which is publishing several articles on the work.

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Pedigree…what’s it mean to you?

Pedigree…what’s it mean to you?

Pat Goggins

Western AG Reporter-9/4/2009

Before you can consider answering that, you have to consider usage, don’t you? In the cattle business, whether you are a commercial or registered breeder, you are paying attention to the EPDs and performance background along with the history of that pedigree. You study that, and it helps you make your decision on usage .

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10 Keys to a Profitable Herd

10 Keys to a Profitable Herd

Bill Barksdale

DTN/Progressive Farmer

Don Hubbell leans hard on a soil probe, forcing it into the stubborn ground of his Ozarks pasture. He withdraws the instrument, deposits its contents in a bucket, then moves to other spots and repeats the process nearly a hundred times.

Taking soil samples isn’t particularly stimulating. But it’s a key step in maintaining herd profitability, says Hubbell, who runs about 40 beef cows on 95 acres of grassland near Bethesda, in northeast Arkansas.

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