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Reputation and Reward

Reputation and Reward

Troy Smith

Angus Beef Bulletin

It was no secret, but neither did Wayne and Chris McGilvray go out of their way to attract publicity. They, along with fellow Texas cattleman Scott Weatherford, thought it best to avoid attracting too much attention too soon. They would wait until the time was right to make some noise.

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Check-Off Dollars are Far-Reaching Tools

Check-Off Dollars are Far-Reaching Tools

LaRayne Topp

Calf News

Wording in the act clearly states how checkoff dollars can – and can’t – be spent. The dollars can’t be used to influence government actions or for lobbying. But they can be used to advance the image and desirability of beef and beef products to stimulate sales in the marketplace; to fund food science research and new product development; to design nutritional information to assist people in the purchase and preparation of beef; and to educate the public about production practices and its effect on the environment, food safety and the animals themselves.

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Information about important traits assists with feeder-calf decisions

Information about important traits assists with feeder-calf decisions


Producers make tough decisions every day that directly affect the profitability of their herd. Fall brings decisions about feeder calves and questions about retaining ownership. Kevin Good, senior analyst, Cattle-Fax, says cow/calf producers should strongly consider holding onto feeder calves this fall.

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Sampling Corn Silage Fields to Accurately Determine Moisture

Sampling Corn Silage Fields to Accurately Determine Moisture

Joe Lauer, Corn Agronomist

University of Wisconsin

Corn must be ensiled at the proper moisture to get fermentation for preservation. But, determining when to harvest corn at the right whole plant moisture is difficult.

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TIME magazine makes blunder

TIME magazine makes blunder

 Codi Vallery-Mills

The Cattle Business Weekly

You will notice this week’s cover story is about TIME magazine’s recently published article called “The high cost of cheap food.”

The Beef Checkoff did its best to offer fact and figures to the magazine for it in regards to the beef industry, but it seems the information was disregarded and the story ran anyway.

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Japan’s New Leaders Seen Tougher on US Beef

Japan’s New Leaders Seen Tougher on US Beef


Forbes reports industry sources as saying that Japan was once the top export market for US beef but that business dropped sharply after December 2003, when the United States reported its first case of mad cow disease. Now Japan buys about one-fifth of its previous high volume but the US meat industry has been working to recover more of that lost business.

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Micro Beef Technology Set to Provide Age, Source Verification for Foundation’s integrity Beef Program

Micro Beef Technology Set to Provide Age, Source Verification for Foundation’s integrity Beef Program

Cattle Today

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation has teamed with Micro Beef Technologies to age- and source-verify the organization’s Integrity Beef Program.

The Noble Foundation’s Integrity Beef Program is a comprehensive management system that assists participants in producing consistent, high-quality beef cattle by addressing herd establishment, animal health and forage management.

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