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Body Condition Scoring Beef Cattle

Body Condition Scoring Beef Cattle

Mississippi State University

Body condition scoring is a management tool that can be used to evaluate the nutritional status of beef cattle. Body condition (fat cover) is an indication of the energy reserves of a beef animal. It is important in beef production because it influences subsequent reproductive and growth performance. Cows and heifers in thin body condition at calving time are slower to rebreed, produce less colostrum, may not have sufficient nutrient reserves for maximum milk production, and are less likely to wean a live calf. Overconditioning, on the other hand, is expensive and can result in calving problems and lower dry matter intake early in lactation.

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Cattle flood livestock markets in 2009

Cattle flood livestock markets in 2009

Pat Kopecki

Wilson County News

Readers of the weekly “Texas Department of Agriculture Market Recap” may have noticed the Aug. 24 report that states, “Feeder cattle price trends at Texas auctions were mostly steady to $5 higher with a few drought areas being steady to $3 lower.” This followed last week’s report that stated the feeder cattle were $4 higher, with drought areas mostly steady to $4 lower.

Veronica Obregon, chief communications officer with the Texas Department of Agriculture, explained that the increased number of cattle being sold in the market is contributing to the lower prices reported by the auction barns.

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Cattle Feeders in Line for Transfusion

Cattle Feeders in Line for Transfusion

Pat Hill

DTN, Progressive Farmer

After months and months and months of losses, cattle feeders may now have an opportunity for an equity transfusion.

DTN Livestock Analyst John Harrington explored the question in a blog he posted last week (Harrington’s Sort & Cull: "Load the Boat").

"I doubt that many are making money yet," Harrington told me this morning. "That would take an extended rally into the high eighties, and I think we’ll get there over the next 30 to 60 days. Beyond spot cash, there are real opportunities available from the feeder/fat spreads."

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Forages, equipment, management strategies at heart of Forage Day

Forages, equipment, management strategies at heart of Forage Day

Julie Douglas, Purdue News Service

Rushville Republican

A field day designed for forage enthusiasts will provide helpful tips on topics such as controlling weeds, looking at different forages and making hay crop silage and equipment demonstrations.

Purdue Forage Day, set for Sept. 17 near Cambridge City, combines educational sessions, demonstrations, challenges from an operating forage producer and university expertise to provide participants with solutions and ideas they can implement on their farm, said Keith Johnson, Purdue Extension forage management specialist.

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Budget cuts bring Extension restructuring plan

Budget cuts bring Extension restructuring plan

Jeff DeYoung

Iowa Farmer Today

Jack Payne admits his job has been tougher since Iowa State University announced its Extension restructuring plan in late April.

“It has quieted down some, but there still is a lot of anger,” says Payne, ISU vice president for Extension and Outreach.

“But, I think a lot of people are starting to see the challenges we had, and we have had many good comments as well.”

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Evaluating the economics of feedlot receiving diets

Evaluating the economics of feedlot receiving diets

Amanda Nolz

Tri State Livestock News

A feedlot sees a wide range of cattle within its fences. Some cattle have strong genetic growth potential, while others do not. Some are more likely to get sick than others. Some will take in a great amount of feed, and others will turn away from the bunk. Some cattle originate from the Dakota’s, while others come from Mexico. With all of these variables, it can be difficult to develop a receiving diet for cattle with different needs.

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Beef brands. It’s just not on hides anymore.

Beef brands. It’s just not on hides anymore.

Ad Mavericks

Let’s clear the air about branding. Two forms: an identification method used by cattlemen to mark the hides of their cattle either by hot or freeze branding a small symbol on the hide to indicate ownership.

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