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Fraud charges laid in failed ‘local’ beef marketing venture

Fraud charges laid in failed ‘local’ beef marketing venture


All County Feed & Grain owners owed producers more than $500,000

Grey County OPP have charged two men with 13 counts of fraud over $5,000 in connection with a failed beef marketing venture but there’s no word yet whether producers, owed more than half a million dollars, will get their money back.

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Children’s vegan book stirs controversy

Children’s vegan book stirs controversy

Aisha Sultan

St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Advocates for Agriculture

A new children book by Ruby Roth has been praised by Jane Goodall, PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk and other best-selling authors. But Roth’s call to action in “That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals: A Book About Vegans, Vegetarians, and All Living Things” has stirred some controversy, as well. It claims to offers children a look at the emotional lives of animals, their experience on factory farms, and the effect that eating animals has on the environment and endangered species.

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Minnesota to host National Red Angus Convention

Minnesota to host National Red Angus Convention

The Cattle Business Weekly

The 2009 national convention of the Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) is headed north on Sept. 16-19 to the Shooting Star Casino and Event Center in Mahnomen, Minn. Red Angus producers from across the nation and Canada will convene to handle Association business, learn about advancements in the breed and socialize with other Red Angus breeders.

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ARS Create Drought Resistant Pasture

ARS Create Drought Resistant Pasture


ARS geneticist Jason Goldman at the agency’s Southern Plains Range Research Station in Woodward, Okla., identified nine DNA primers that produce markers that can verify successful bluegrass hybrids from DNA samples. This saves time because breeders currently have to wait for the plant to mature before they can verify a hybrid by physical characteristics. The markers can be used on seedlings.

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Pasture Planning For Winter Forages

Pasture Planning For Winter Forages

Mississippi State University

Grazing is generally the least expensive way to feed livestock. Forages and management systems that extend the grazing season can increase profit. Gulf Coast states (TX, LA, MS, AL, FL) usually have very mild winters. Spring and summer droughts can reduce late fall and early winter pasture production. Depending on rainfall, cool-season annual and perennial species can provide high-quality grazing during this season.

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Strategies To Save Feed $

Strategies To Save Feed $

Ed Haag

Angus Journal

When the experts talk about the most

cost-effective approach to dealing with rising energy costs due to increasing demand, most agree that changing old habits to cut wasteful consumption offers the most bang for the buck because no new energy source has to be tapped.

A similar case can be made for feeding cattle during the winter.

“If you combine losses due to improper storage and wasteful handling, you can easily say goodbye to half of your feed before it gets to the cow’s mouth,” Dan Undersander says. “With the cost of feeding replacement hay being what it is, that can be the difference between a profit and a loss for that year.”

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Haying Wet Meadows that are Too Wet

Haying Wet Meadows that are Too Wet

Dr. Bruce Anderson, Professor of Agronomy, Agronomy & Horticulture, University of Nebraska

Wet meadows are a great resource. Their natural subirrigation enables them to reliably grow many of the plants cut for winter hay for many ranches. This year, however, many of these meadows have had too much of a good thing – rain. Not only have frequent rain showers made it difficult to put up the hay, many meadows are so wet it’s been impossible to even get in to cut the hay.

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Flies causing Pink Eye epidemic in Oklahoma

Flies causing Pink Eye epidemic in Oklahoma

The Cattle Business Weekly

Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas has seen an increased in fly population this summer, and those flies are transmitting pink eye to cattle in epidemic proportions around the area.

This summer, Oklahoma ranchers are seeing an upswing in the disease of pink eye in their cattle.

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Matt Rezincek Joins Cow Creek

Matt Rezincek Joins Cow Creek

Cattle Today

Cow Creek Ranch, LLC, announced that Matt Reznicek has joined the family ranching operation located near Aliceville, Ala., on August 1, 2009. Matt comes on board as a key member of the ranch management team of Cow Creek Ranch.

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I Am Angus: New US Documentary Begins

I Am Angus: New US Documentary Begins


The announcement was made today by the American Angus Association®, the nation’s largest beef organization, and Farm Journal Television, which produces AgDay & U.S. Farm Report, the longest-running television programs that focus on agriculture and rural America.

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Project Will Study Beef Flavor

Project Will Study Beef Flavor

Western Livestock Journal

A research project funded by the beef checkoff will try to ascertain how fat is deposited both inside and outside muscle tissue. Scientists at Texas A&M University, the University of Idaho and Texas Tech University submitted the proposal, titled "Regulation of Marbling Development in Beef Cattle by Specific Fatty Acids."

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Super Bull weighs in at 3,404 lbs, sets record

Super Bull weighs in at 3,404 lbs, sets record

The Cattle Business Weekly

"Big Black," an Angus bull owned by Stalcup Farms Charolais of Prescott, Iowa and the late Joe Holub of What Cheer, topped the scales at 3,404 pounds winning the 2009 Super Bull contest and setting a new Iowa State Fair record. The contest was held Aug. 14 at the 2009 Iowa State Fair.

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What’s the beef? Here’s the short

What’s the beef? Here’s the short

Claudette Sandecki

Terrace Standard

BEEF MARROW bones are no longer available in supermarkets where I shop. Apparently shortsighted cattle breeders overstepped the boundaries of responsible husbandry and pressured genetic splicers to create a full-sized cow with dachshund legs.

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A legacy of ranching in the Valley

A legacy of ranching in the Valley

Merritt Herald

For over 100 years the Guichon family has been ranching in the Nicola Valley.

They were among the first to take advantage of the abundant grazing lands surrounding Merritt and the Nicola lake, and have remained active members of the community since the 1860’s.

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Faries gives calving demonstration in Live Oak County

Faries gives calving demonstration in Live Oak County

Rita Arnst


A Beef Cattle Field Day, sponsored by the Texas Agrilife Extension Service and the Live Oak Extension Office, was held last Thursday (Aug. 13) at the Live Oak County auction barn.

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