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Cattleman’s Guide to Feedlot Lingo

Cattleman’s Guide to Feedlot Lingo

Dr. Greg Lardy, Beef Specialist, North Dakota State University

This is intended to familiarize cow-calf producers with the lingo and jargon which may be used by feedlot managers when discussing custom feeding and feedlots.


An acute or chronic disease condition in feedlot cattle. Results from over-consumption or too rapid consumption of grain (starch). Acute cases generally result in death. Chronic cases are common, resulting in erratic intakes and/or reduced feed intake, but are probably hidden by pen intakes which tend to make average consumption look normal. It is one of the most costly problems in the feedlot industry. Sub-acute cases are difficult to diagnose, but symptoms include poor performance and poor conversions.

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Climate Bill Could See Town Hall-Like Protests

Climate Bill Could See Town Hall-Like Protests

Chris Clayton

DTN/Progressive Farmer

Last week DTN reported that the American Farm Bureau Federation was making push to defeat climate-change legislation in the U.S. Senate with a letter-writing campaign by members.

In a Farm Bureau action alert, the group wrote that "Your senators need to hear from you to stop this huge increase in regulations, energy and farm input costs." Farm Bureau is rolling out the action alert as the Senate prepares to break for a recess from Washington until after Labor Day.

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DHS Reveals NJ Based Groups Provide Cover for Ecoterrorists

DHS Reveals NJ Based Groups Provide Cover for Ecoterrorists

Advocated for Agriculture

Yesterday I was forwarded an unclassified “For Official Use Only,” document. It is apparently from The Department of Homeland Security alleging national groups (that also have operations in NJ), and a local New Jersey group, are providing cover for “ecoterrorists.” I have read similar reporting from two premiere civil rights organizations; Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center.

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Expected Progeny Differences and Selection Indices for Beef Cattle Selection

Expected Progeny Differences and Selection Indices for Beef Cattle Selection

Mississippi State University

Beef sire selection decisions have a major impact on future calf crops and ultimately on profitability. Using selection tools can help producers make better live cattle, semen, and embryo selection decisions. Widely available beef cattle selection tools include performance data, expected progeny differences (EPDs), and selection indices.

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DNA Test Can Help Breeders in Trait Selection

DNA Test Can Help Breeders in Trait Selection

Heather Smith Thomas

Cattle Today

Originally used in the livestock industry to identify individual animals and verify parentage for breed registry purposes, DNA testing is now being used in a wide variety of ways to help cattle producers select for certain desirable traits. It can also be used to find out if an animal carries defective genes—before that animal is used for breeding.

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Cattle Update: Disposition Is Important . . . And Heritable

Cattle Update: Disposition Is Important . . . And Heritable


I was just out of graduate school and working for Mississippi State University in 1974. My first effort was to participate in a very large crossbreeding project. One of the first bulls that we used made a lasting impression on me. He taught me that a bad attitude is contagious and that disposition is very important…and heritable.

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Chandler Keys Outlines D.C. Issues

Chandler Keys Outlines D.C. Issues


Addressing the Intervet/Schering Plough Cattle Feeders Summit this week, Chandler Keys, VP of government affairs & industry relations at JBS Swift, discussed the climate in Washington D.C. and implications for the beef business.

The atmosphere in the nation’s capital, he says, has changed dramatically over the past year, with the new administration and Democratic control of both houses of Congress. The center of gravity has shifted from Wall Street to Washington D.C.

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First Members Elected to Meat Industry Hall of Fame

First Members Elected to Meat Industry Hall of Fame


Founders said the Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring distinguished individuals in the meat, poultry and livestock business; preserving the history of 150 years of meat industry progress; and educating the consuming public about the contributions of meat industry leadership.

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Early Weaning Helpful During Challenging Times

Early Weaning Helpful During Challenging Times

Stephen B. Blezinger, PhD, PAS

Cattle Today

In recent years in much of the United States, especially the South and Southwest, precipitation has been highly variable, and drought situations have become common. This year Texas may have set the record for the most severe drought conditions ever.

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Livestock indemnity program offers compensation for losses

Livestock indemnity program offers compensation for losses

BILL HARMON, Director, Marion County Farm Services Agency

Hillsboro Star Journal

The 2008 Farm Bill created several new disaster programs.

One is the Livestock Indemnity Program, which compensates producers for livestock deaths in excess of normal mortality because of adverse weather from Jan. 1, 2008 through Oct. 1, 2011.

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Time to Sell This Bull?

Time to Sell This Bull?

Dan Goehl, DVM

Beef Today

A reader asks:

    Please give me your advice on this bull:

        * 6 year old bull tested 12-3-08 

        * Scrotal  39     

        * Sperm motility    60%    

        * Sperm morphology  75%   

        * Classification  Satisfactory  

        * Comments PD, DD tapers

    Settled all but one cow out of 28 head on time. I was advised to sell. Would you advise doing another test?   

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Should You Pay Extra for Angus Beef?

Should You Pay Extra for Angus Beef?

Althea Chang


Consumers have been cutting their budgets, but it doesn’t mean enjoying a good steak or burger from time to time is a no-no.

But whether you’re cooking at home or stopping at a local fast food joint, is Angus beef worth the extra money? And since every other restaurant (including McDonald’s and Burger King) seems to be touting it, what the heck does the Angus designation even mean?

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A juggling act, A young ranchers account of balancing school and cattle

A juggling act, A young ranchers account of balancing school and cattle

Amanda Nolz

Tri State Livestock News

Guilty. That’s what I felt. Guilty for being so excited to leave the ranch and head to college. Guilty for leaving behind all of the chores and jobs that didn’t get done over the summer. There was so much to do, and weaning was only a couple of months away.

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Instrument Carcass Grading To Improve Accuracy & Speed

Instrument Carcass Grading To Improve Accuracy & Speed


Other “Stocker Cents” articles have stressed the importance of considering changes in the beef production chain that impact management and selection for the stocker operator. A good example of this is the implementation of instrument carcass grading to improve grading accuracy at line speed. As this relatively new technology continues to be incorporated into packing facilities, it has the potential to change the dynamics of beef marketing at all levels.

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Labelling Beef Nutrition Leads to Increased Sales

Labelling Beef Nutrition Leads to Increased Sales


While many consumers are aware that beef is a great source of protein, most are unaware it contains many other beneficial nutrients.

With the goal of determining how best to educate consumers on beef’s nutritional value, a checkoff-funded study on nutrition labeling was conducted.

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