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Video Feature: Livestock Zone of Influence, 2 of 2

A short video using low-stress stockmanship showing how to use the zone of influence when working livestock, part 2 of 2. Thanks to the Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan and Intervet Schering-Plough.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

H.R. 1549, determining antibiotic use

H.R. 1549, determining antibiotic use

The Cattle Business Weekly

Several cattle groups are opposed to H.R. 1549, the "Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act of 2009" and are asking leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives to ensure the measure is not attached to other federal legislation.

H.R. 1549, and its companion bill in the U.S. Senate (S. 619), prohibits the use of animal antibiotics for non-therapeutic use and calls for all "critical antimicrobial animal drugs to go through a second Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process within two years of enactment of the legislation."

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An Invisible Cost

An Invisible Cost

Southern Livestock Standard

    When cattle get sick, it hurts performance and quality. But it is not always easy to tell those cattle from the healthy ones. Cattle with chronic pneumonia can cost producers nearly $80 per head, without showing signs of illness.

    The loss of gain would be the biggest cost, and then loss in quality grade would come in second, said Darrell Busby, Iowa State University (ISU) Extension beef specialist. The third loss would be in treatment cost.

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Food Safety Bill Fails in House

Food Safety Bill Fails in House

Hoosier AG Today

  Wednesday afternoon, H.R. 2479, the Food Safety Enhancement act of 2009, failed to win passage by the U.S. House of Representatives. The legislation would have increased funding and given more authority to the Food and Drug Administration to police food safety. The vote was 280 to 150. A two-thirds supermajority was necessary for passage.

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Farm Bureau group hopes to set standards before someone else does

Farm Bureau group hopes to set standards before someone else does

Codi Vallery-Mills

The Cattle Business Weeekly

The Ohio Farm Bureau had a win recently when its resolution to create a Livestock Care and Standards Board passed the Ohio House 83-16 and the Ohio Senate 31-1.

"The board will help Ohio farmers continue to provide excellent care for our animals, while also ensuring safe, affordable and locally raised food," testified Kim Davis, a Ohio Farm Bureau trustee and farmer, to House lawmakers.

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The Right Time for New Food Safety Legislation?

The Right Time for New Food Safety Legislation?


Food safety advocate and attorney Bill Marler spoke today from his office in Seattle on the importance of passing HR 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009.

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Campaign for Angus has Raised More than $5.5 Million

Campaign for Angus has Raised More than $5.5 Million

Cattle Today

The Vision of Value: Campaign for Angus, the first capital campaign launched by the Angus Foundation and American Angus Association® to support Angus education, youth and research projects, has now raised more than $5.5 million – toward its $11 million goal set to be raised by Dec. 31, 2011.

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Farming for a healthy life

Farming for a healthy life

Brianne Sanchez

Des Moines Register

The farmers: Ethan, 29, and Becca, 29, Book

The farm: Stoneyfield Farm, Knoxville

What they raise: Dexter cattle, heritage pigs

Visit virtually: thebeginningfarmer.blogspot.com; thebeginning farmerswife.blogspot.com

When some men find out they have high cholesterol, they start eating more oatmeal. Ethan Book, 29, bought a farm. Well, not a farm so much as 40 acres of native prairie grasses with a woods, but no house.

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Latest farming technology, equipment shared at Forage Field Day

Latest farming technology, equipment shared at Forage Field Day


Zanesville Times Recorder

When new farming technology information is available, Larry McDaniel is interested.

He relies on hay to feed the cows and calves that roam his 350-acre farm, and any time there’s an opportunity for him to learn about new farming techniques or new equipment, he’s likely to be there.

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This farm is dedicated to happy cows, not happy meals

This farm is dedicated to happy cows, not happy meals

Ry Rivard

Charleston Daily Mail

On farms across West Virginia, 204,000 beef cattle now await slaughter.

But at the International Society for Cow Protection’s 168-acre hillside farm in Marshall County, cattle are treated far differently from those that are headed to slaughterhouses and onto plates.

William Dove and his family keep 22 cows and oxen comfortable for their entire lives and plan to chant the holy names of God to each animal as it dies a natural death at their farm outside of Moundsville.

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Q&A:   Is it possible to put too much nitrogen on a pasture and then have cattle grazing it?

Q&A:   Is it possible to put too much nitrogen on a pasture and then have cattle grazing it?

Dr. Jerry Volesky, Associate Professor of Agronomy, West Central Research & Extension Center – North Platte, North Platte, NE

A:   With irrigated grasses, nitrogen fertilizer moves relatively quickly into the soil and is used by the grass. Nitrate levels in the forage will increase in the short-term and then decline as the grass rapidly grows.

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NCA Beef-Cattle Conference slated

NCA Beef-Cattle Conference slated

Baxter Bulletin

The North Central Arkansas Beef-Cattle Conference, one of the top beef-cattle meetings in the area, is scheduled Monday at North Arkansas Livestock Auction in Green Forest. A registration fee of $20 will be collected at the door. Conference registration and dinner begin at 5:30 p.m.

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Hannah McCabe Selected as NJAA Outstanding Leader for 2009

Hannah McCabe Selected as NJAA Outstanding Leader for 2009


US – The National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) has seen a cycle of tremendous leaders go through the Association. Every year, many of them bid farewell to their days as junior members and continue on to other things.

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Regulatory Czar Pick Dangerous For Ag

Regulatory Czar Pick Dangerous For Ag

Chelsea Schilling

Southern Livestock Standard

President Obama’s friend and nominee for "regulatory czar" is a "raving animal rights nut" who has a secret agenda, according to one consumer group.

David Martosko, director of the Center for Consumer Freedom, told Fox News’ Glenn Beck that Cass Sunstein, the Harvard Law professor nominated by the president to become the administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, is a "raving animal rights nut" and devout disciple of Peter Singer.

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Central Texas Cow/Calf Clinic to be held in Lampasas

Central Texas Cow/Calf Clinic to be held in Lampasas

San Saba Star And News

Texas AgriLife Extension Service in Lampasas County is pleased to announce the annual Central Texas Cow/Calf Clinic, which will be held this year on Aug. 18, 2009 at the Lampasas County Farm Bureau Building (1793 N HWY 281).

Registration will begin at 8:45 am, with the program starting promptly at 9:00. Topics this year include Insect Management in Beef Cattle (Fly Control), Forages and Beef Cattle (Weed Control), Bull Selection Basics, and a current look at this year’s Beef Cattle Market.

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