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Video Feature: Beef Checkoff Talks About Checkoff Dollars at Livestock Market

Chuck Adami talks about animal care at his own livestock market and how the beef checkoff communicates that message to consumers and producers.

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Meat Mania Opens Doors for Farmers Selling to Consumers

Meat Mania Opens Doors for Farmers Selling to Consumers

Indiana Prairie Farmer

How many farmers will be able to play in the ‘sell locally’ game is yet unknown. But based on anecdotal evidence, the number is increasing all the time. And it’s not just farmers selling sweet corn out of a truck, or tomatoes at a farmer’s market. One of the hottest new trends seems to be raising animals, then having the meat processed and selling it locally rather than allowing consumers to just buy meat at supermarkets or supersized chain stores.

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Understanding PAMTA antibiotics in cattle production

Understanding PAMTA antibiotics in cattle production

Mike Apley

BEEF Magazine

The Preservation of Antimicrobials for Medical Treatment Act (PAMTA) was introduced in the U.S. House this spring (H.R. 1549). A companion bill was introduced into the Senate (S. 619). Learn more about them at http://www.thomas.gov.

The bills call for short-turnaround assessments of antibiotics used for nontherapeutic purposes, defined as “any use of the drug as a feed or water additive for an animal in the absence of any clinical sign of disease in the animal for growth promotion, feed efficiency, weight gain, routine disease prevention, or other routine purpose.”

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Cattle Marketing 101: Developing A Plan

Cattle Marketing 101: Developing A Plan


Do you want to take more control over your operation’s profits? A marketing plan is one tool no producer should be without during these tough economic times.

The first step in developing a marketing plan is to determine the cost of producing the cattle to be sold. Divide the total cost over the number of animals that will be sold to establish a breakeven benchmark.

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Make Plans to Stockpile Fescue to Reduce Winter Hay Needs

Make Plans to Stockpile Fescue to Reduce Winter Hay Needs

Dr. Mark A. McCann, Extension Animal Scientist, VA Tech

Although the first day of summer is not too long passed, it is the time to begin formulating plans for stockpiling tall fescue for grazing in the late fall and winter.  This is not a new strategy but one that takes on new meaning as we come to appreciate the new value of hay in a cow-calf enterprise.  Minimizing the number of hay feeding days and the amount of hay needed to get through the winter can have major impacts on an operation’s bottom line.

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BeefTalk: Ranching is a Balance Among Land, Grass and Beef

BeefTalk: Ranching is a Balance Among Land, Grass and Beef

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Long-term Ranching Success – "A sustainable balance of land and grass resources with cattle numbers." Long-term Ranching Success – "A sustainable balance of land and grass resources with cattle numbers."

How much grass is available and how many cows can the ranch run?

Management generally implies input followed by discussion, decision and implementation. The amount of input generally reflects the seriousness of the topic.

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Data Backs Preconditioning of Calves

Data Backs Preconditioning of Calves

Southern Livestock Standard

A study of prices received on calves sold through seven video auction sales in 2008 reveals that cattle producers received the highest premiums since 1995 on VAC45 and VAC PreCon calves, and the second highest premium on VAC34 calves. Fourteen years of Pfizer Animal Health price data shows an increasing value for preconditioned calves.

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Adding value to your calves

Adding value to your calves

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

I do not know if I have ever seen this much rain in June and July. The corn, wheat and beans looked really great until the hail wiped some of them out. The pasture grass looks as good as I’ve ever seen it so we should have plenty of late season grass. The high point of my week was working my first set of calves this year for early weaning. I enjoy seeing the result of my clients’ planning and herd work.

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Indiana Program Offers Cattle Management Advice

Indiana Program Offers Cattle Management Advice


Purdue University’s School of Veterinary Medicine and College of Agriculture will host the seventh annual Indiana Beef Integrated Resource Management Program on Aug. 12 at a West Lafayette-area farm.

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Cooperative Agreements Add Value to End Product

Cooperative Agreements Add Value to End Product

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Creative agreements by people with a common goal are gaining ground. Sure there are the old standbys that have had members for generations. Like the local co-op all farmers belong to and the rural electric co-op is another longstanding group effort.

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Symposium to examine future of beef cattle industry

Symposium to examine future of beef cattle industry

Southwest Farm Press

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation’s Agricultural Division and the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service will host the 19th Southern Plains Beef Symposium from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 8, at the Ardmore Convention Center in Ardmore, Okla.

Entitled Beyond the Horizon: The Changing Environment Facing Today’s Beef Industry, this year’s symposium brings together six speakers from Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas who will discuss how they and other agricultural producers are coping with the challenges of today’s ever-changing environment and trends in the beef industry.

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County supports cattlemen’s fight

County supports cattlemen’s fight

Christy Lattin

Lahontan Valley News

Churchill County Commissioners agreed to support the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association’s in its legal battle against an environmental group that is challenging Nevada grazing permits.

Ron Torell, an NCA board member, read a statement from NCA President Dan Gralian at the commission’s recent meeting. In it, Gralian explained the Western Watersheds Project filed a lawsuit against the Department of Interior and Bureau of Land Management regarding grazing allotments in Idaho and Nevada.

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JBS USA files for IPO, moves jobs to Greeley

JBS USA files for IPO, moves jobs to Greeley

Northern Colorado Business Report

JBS USA Holdings Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the world’s largest beef processor JBS S.A., has filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for a global initial public offering of its common stock to raise $2 billion to expand its operations.

The July 22 filing said the company expects to apply for a listing of its common stock on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "JBS."

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Culling Decisions

Culling Decisions

Southern Livestock Standard

There are several approaches to dealing with drought in a beef cattle operation. You can buy extra feed, wean calves early, creep feed calves, sell calves or sell cows. The correct answer for most people is probably to do some combination of these.

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Ag Expo ‘not just a farmer in big overalls’

Ag Expo ‘not just a farmer in big overalls’


Hagerstown Herald Mail

Karen Holloway has seen some of the best cattle in the state of Maryland, but this year was her first as a judge for the beef cattle show at the Washington County Ag Expo and Fair.

Holloway said judges look for well-structured and healthy cattle.

“The females have to look feminine and pretty like a female, and the males have to look masculine,” she said Wednesday.

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