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NCBA Urges Senate to Stop Federal Land Grab

NCBA Urges Senate to Stop Federal Land Grab

Cattle Today

Washington, June 17, 2009 – The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) and the Public Lands Council (PLC) are urging the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee to oppose the so-called “Clean Water Restoration Act,” (CWRA) scheduled for markup. This dangerous bill would grant the federal government sweeping new regulatory authority, posing serious concerns about government infringement on private-property rights.


Video Feature: Feeding and caring for animals at Will Feed Inc.

Anne Burkholder, Will Feed, Inc. paints a unique picture of the beef feeding business.

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Development and Management of Bulls

Development and Management of Bulls

J.W. Lemaster and R.S. Sand, University of Florida

Calf crop percentage (number of calves born ÷ number of cows exposed to breeding), is the most important factor in determining the total pounds of calf weaned per cow maintained in the breeding herd. As a result, no other factor of beef production has a greater economic impact on the beef operation than the calf crop percentage. This percentage can be reduced if herd bulls are not in adequate condition at the beginning of the breeding season. Proper feeding and management of both young and mature bulls is often neglected, but is essential in obtaining optimal breeding performance and longevity.

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Q&A:   We hear stories of poor conception rates when feeding cows WDS. Is this fact or fiction?

Q&A:   We hear stories of poor conception rates when feeding cows WDS. Is this fact or fiction?

Dr. Rick Rasby, Professor of Animal Science, Animal Science, University of Nebraska

A:   We have recorded no negative effect on reproduction when beef cows are supplemented with distillers grains as a protein or energy source, or for both protein and energy. In a number of experiments, we have used a distillers grains based cube as a major component of the supplement that is fed to cows pre-partum while grazing cornstalks or dormant native range.

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Birdshot/Buckshot in Meat

Birdshot/Buckshot in Meat

MT Beef Quality Assurance

Cattle producers tend to point their fingers at hunters with regards to this problem. However, there are producers that sometimes use shotguns/scatter guns to gather unruly cattle.

Regardless of who is at fault, this defect should be prevented with education about the consequences. Other means of animal control and capture can be used. To ensure that foreign objects are not found in carcasses, never use a shotgun to gather cattle.

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Time of Day of Harvest and Impact on Nitrate Concentration

Time of Day of Harvest and Impact on Nitrate Concentration

Oklahoma State Cow-Calf Corner

Forage sorghums are used by cattle producers for summer grazing or harvested for hay.  Forage sorghums can be very productive and high quality, but can also accumulate toxic levels of nitrate when stressed.  Based on the assumption that the plant continues soil nitrate uptake during nighttime hours, followed by accelerated conversion of the nitrate to protein during daylight hours, extension recommendations have been to wait until afternoon to cut forage sorghum for hay if anticipated nitrate levels are marginally high.

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The Trouble with NCBA

The Trouble with NCBA

Steve Cornett

Beef Today

It is a sour time in the cattle business as the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association prepares to gather for its midyear meeting in Denver this week. This economy bodes to keep beef demand—and, of course, cattle prices—low at the same time the federal government is on something of a stampede toward more expensive regulations concerning everything from the environment to energy to food safety, all financed with higher taxes.

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Hearing on Restricting Antibiotic Use in Livestock Held

Hearing on Restricting Antibiotic Use in Livestock Held

Farm Futures

Views differ on legislation concerning farm use of antibiotics.

The House Rules Committee on Monday held a hearing on limiting the use of antibiotics in livestock. Deputy Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Joshua Sharfstein testified at the hearing that restrictions on livestock use would reduce the opportunity for bacteria to develop resistance to drugs used by humans.

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Pooling For Premiums

Pooling For Premiums

Ed Haag

Angus Beef Bulletin

When expenses are high and calf prices are declining, combining resources can make a lot of sense, especially for the small-scale calf producer, says Jason Ahola, state beef Extension specialist with the University of Idaho.

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Champions of Animal Care on Display

Champions of Animal Care on Display

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

It is that time of year again, a time when farm families get very stressed, get very little sleep, and spend very little time at home. Yes, it is fair time – 4-H project season. For many families, it is a tradition that goes back generations. For some, it is showing livestock; for others, it is poster projects, foods, or fashion review. But, for all, it is an experience they will always remember and that, in many cases, will impact the choices they make later in life.   For those not involved in 4-H, there is also something to be learned and that is why a visit to the county fair is so important this year.

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Angus Genetics Inc.® and IGENITY® to Introduce Industry’s First Genomic-enhanced EPDs for Multiple Traits

Angus Genetics Inc.® and IGENITY® to Introduce Industry’s First Genomic-enhanced EPDs for Multiple Traits

Angus e-List

Angus Genetics Inc.® (AGI) and Merial have entered into an exclusive agreement to provide American Angus Association® breeders with genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences (EPDs) powered by IGENITY®. This will be the first time beef producers have access to genomic-enhanced EPDs for multiple traits at once — and from an Angus-specific DNA profile.

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Josh Svaty named Secretary of Agriculture

Josh Svaty named Secretary of Agriculture

Bob Weeks

Wichita Liberty

Today Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson appointed Josh Svaty, a member of the Kansas House of Representatives as acting agriculture secretary. Svaty is a Democrat from Ellsworth.

His record as a legislator is clear: he’s in favor of big government taxation and spending.

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Climate Change Bill Not Good for Indiana or Agriculture

Climate Change Bill Not Good for Indiana or Agriculture

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

  The climate change bill that squeaked through the House last month is now before the US Senate; and, again Indiana and agriculture stand to lose if the bill is passed. American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman testified before a Senate committee on Tuesday that "Cap-and-trade legislation will have little or no impact on the climate because greenhouse gas emissions require a global response,” AFBF also contends that the bill will raise food prices for consumers unless an offset program is put into place to defray production input costs. An agricultural offsets program administered by the Agriculture Department is an essential cost containment measure, but revenues from offsets will only partially defray increased costs and not all agriculture sectors will benefit from offset opportunities.

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Regulatory nominee courts lawmakers, farm groups

Regulatory nominee courts lawmakers, farm groups

Dan Friedman

Government Executive

Cass Sunstein, the legal scholar named to head the Office of Management and Budget’s influential Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, is holding meetings with agricultural lobbyists and farm-state senators in a push to end opposition that has stalled his Senate confirmation for two months.

Sunstein meets Tuesday with Senate Agriculture ranking member Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., who placed a hold on his nomination due to Sunstein’s writings on animal rights. The nominee also met with farm groups that questioned the nomination on June 15. Sunstein is working at OMB on an unconfirmed basis.

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Second Dairy Herd Retirement Announced for 2009

Second Dairy Herd Retirement Announced for 2009


Cooperatives Working Together announced Friday that it will conduct its second dairy herd retirement of 2009. In order to have a more immediate impact, CWT is shortening the time frame for producers to submit bids. A maximum bid level is also being announced for this round.

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Neb. officials urge USDA to compensate rancher

Neb. officials urge USDA to compensate rancher



Nebraska’s congressional delegation wants the U.S. Department of Agriculture to compensate a rancher who must slaughter his herd of cattle to help control bovine tuberculosis.

All five of the state’s U.S. senators and representatives signed a letter sent Tuesday to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, saying they are concerned the USDA has not yet provided aid to pay for the cost of slaughtering the herd where the disease was found.

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