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Video Feature: The caring way to herd and handle cattle

Anne Burkholder, Will Feedyard discusses the importance of how cattle are handled in a feedyard situation and how it effects her bottom line.

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Foot Rot in Grazing Cattle

Foot Rot in Grazing Cattle

John G. Kirkpatrick, DVM, Associate Professor Medicine and Surgery,  Dr. David Lalman, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, Oklahoma State University

Mechanical injury or softening and thinning of the interdigital (between the toes) skin by puncture wounds or continuous exposure to wet conditions are necessary to provide entrance points for infectious agents.   Fusobacterium necrophorum is the bacterium most often isolated from infected feet, but is also frequently isolated from non-diseased interdigital skin.

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‘We Care; We’re Capable’

‘We Care; We’re Capable’

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

A common mantra for business success is to “give the customer what they want.” And today in the food industry, the customer wants to know where their food comes from.

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American Humane® Certified Farm Animal Program To Develop Humane Livestock Transport Standards

American Humane® Certified Farm Animal Program To Develop Humane Livestock Transport Standards

Hoosier AG Today

  The nation‘s leading animal-welfare monitoring and humane-labeling program for food products – American Humane® Certified — will convene a panel of experts in animal handling, animal science, veterinary medicine and transportation-equipment manufacturing to develop improved welfare standards for design, technology and monitoring of livestock transportation. American livestock transportation equipment that meets the standards will be recognized with the American Humane Gold Award.

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Baxter Black, DVM:  A CINCH IN TIME

Baxter Black, DVM:  A CINCH IN TIME

Cowboys can be quite creative when hard times cut into the daily operating expenses. Take Roy’s cousin BB. One of BB’s heifers had come off his badlands and crossed onto Roy’s pasture.

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Beef Issues Remain Between US and Japan

Beef Issues Remain Between US and Japan


The United States and Japan have released the results of their work under the U.S.-Japan Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative (Regulatory Reform Initiative). The US has shown concern over ongoing beef trade issues.

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Heat and Stress Can be a Problem for Producers

Heat and Stress Can be a Problem for Producers

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D, PAS

Cattle Today

Welcome to summer time! Every year, even before now, cattle begin showing signs of stress related to high temperatures. Many producers think of heat effects as isolated to the southern states or the southwest. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Temperatures in the upper mid-west this summer have already flirted with 100° F. All areas of the country can be affected by elevated temperatures at some point in time or another.

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Microchips in cattle? Ranchers not so sure

Microchips in cattle? Ranchers not so sure

Lauren Dake

The Bend Bulletin

While agriculture officials say they are key to tracking diseases, some ranchers, who have relied on brands for generations, are voicing concerns about costs and logistical complications

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Multi-species grazing is the focus of Grazefest Minnesota 2009

Multi-species grazing is the focus of Grazefest Minnesota 2009

Mathias Baden

Jordan Independent

Multi-species grazing is the focus of the Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota’s Grazefest Minnesota 2009 on Friday and Saturday, July 17-18, in Carlton County, northeast Minnesota. Pre-registration is required for all Grazefest activities. Scholarships are available. For more information visit http://www.sfa-mn.org or contact Anne with the Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota (SFA) at communications@sfa-mn.org or (320) 226-6318. All are invited to attend.

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Pass the BBQ, Hold the Scare Tactics

Pass the BBQ, Hold the Scare Tactics

David Martosko

Connecticut Post

This weekend is "Christmas in July" for barbeque junkies everywhere. It’s time for braised short ribs, Jamaican jerk chicken, and more homemade hamburgers and charred hot dogs than most of us will see the rest of the year. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would opt for tofu.

Not long ago, skipping steak for salad was solely a matter of farm animal equality. But eating vegetables is apparently the new recycling. It’s "recession eating." It’s the latest Hollywood diet fad.

If only the anti-meat missionaries would stop there. But tabloid trends aren’t enough to convert millions to a PETA-approved diet.

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Consumers and Cattle Producers Suffering

Consumers and Cattle Producers Suffering


Consumers are paying near record beef prices and cattle ranchers are receiving below cost-of-production prices for their cattle – a loss of nearly 300-dollars per head in 22 of the last 23 months.

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Tuberculosis tests on 3,300 Nebraska cattle come back clean ahead of big auction

Tuberculosis tests on 3,300 Nebraska cattle come back clean ahead of big auction



Another round of tests for tuberculosis in Nebraska cattle has come back clean, buoying hopes in the nation’s top beef-producing state that the disease will remain more of a worry than an imminent threat to livelihoods.

The state Department of Agriculture announced Monday that 3,300 cattle tested negative for the bovine form of the disease between June 22 and June 28. An additional 1,700 cattle tested negative earlier.

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More women run their own farms

More women run their own farms


The Washington Post

Julie Stinar once worked with some of the top names in fashion: Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani, Tracy Reese.

Now she works with some completely different brand names: Cornish and Poulet Rouge chickens and Red Devon cattle.

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Camp Cooley Hosts Korean Manu Development Team

Camp Cooley Hosts Korean Manu Development Team

Cattle Today

Camp Cooley Genetics was proud to host, in conjunction with the Texas Beef Council, the U.S. Dry Aged Beef Menu Development Team from Korea on Monday, April 27, 2009. Korea is an important beef export market, importing 57,267 metric tons from the United States in 2008.

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2 men arrested after bull dragged

2 men arrested after bull dragged

Capital Press

Two men have been arrested for investigation of first-degree animal cruelty after they were found dragging a bull with their car.

The King County sheriff’s office received several calls from citizens Sunday reporting that a car was pulling a bull with a rope in unincorporated King County near Auburn, Wash.

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