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NAIS: Detriment to Texas agriculture

NAIS: Detriment to Texas agriculture

Glyn Wright

Bandera County Courier

In 2005, with support from Texas Farm Bureau (TFB), Southwestern Cat­t­le Raisers Association (TSCRA) and Texas Cattle Feeders Association (TCFA), the Texas Legis­lature passed HB 1361 giving the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) the power to implement the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) in Texas.


Congress, global warming and cow flatulence?

Congress, global warming and cow flatulence?

New Jersey Voices

Did you ever think you would hear a Congressman come before a national audience and talk about cow farts? Well Republican Rep. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin has been compelled to come out do just that to oppose proposed federal regulations on the issue of farts.


On the Farm: Ranchers Staying Optimistic

On the Farm: Ranchers Staying Optimistic


The North Dakota Stockmen`s Association turned 80-years-old this year. 80 years of looking out for the rancher and being a voice for them. The association lobbies government on issues like property taxes, property rights and animal health. They tend to come into opposition with groups like the Humane Society of the United States and environmental organizations, who sometimes don`t understand the life of a rancher.


Farming with grass in 21st century

Farming with grass in 21st century

Delta Farm Press

Grass and other perennial plants may be just what the doctor ordered for farmers facing the uncertainties of climate change.

And beef and dairy products from free-ranging, grass-fed cattle — along with legumes and grains grown in addition to grass — may be just what the doctor ordered for consumers.


Importance of Minerals For Beef Cattle

Importance of Minerals For Beef Cattle


This is an excellent time of year to make sure that your mineral-vitamin program is on target. Adequate mineral-vitamin nutrition is vital in optimizing animal growth, lactation, reproductive function and immune response.


Cow Slaughter Trends Surprising Some In Northern Plains

Cow Slaughter Trends Surprising Some In Northern Plains

Beef Magazine

The feeder cattle marketing season has ended in the Northern Plains and many livestock auction markets are starting reduced summer schedules. However, a number of Northern Plains auctions are reporting higher-than-expected receipts of beef cows, according to Tim Petry, North Dakota State University Extension livestock marketing economist.


Eco-friendly and economic benefits of conventional beef production

Eco-friendly and economic benefits of conventional beef production


The Growth Enhancement Technology Information Team (GET IT) is introducing a marketing program focused on the economic and environmental benefits of conventional beef production.

The campaign will provide beef producers with facts about the “eco-friendly and eco-nomical” benefits of conventional beef production — facts producers can share with family, friends and neighbors who might not be familiar with the benefits of modern beef production systems.