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Video Feature: State of the Beef Cattle Industry: Quality Considerations

Video Feature:  State of the Beef Cattle Industry: Quality Considerations

NCBA’s Cattlemen to Cattlemen

Lee Leachman discusses why quality and added value programs are important to the beef cattle industry during these tough economic times.  Our experts have tips on how producers can work to improve their bottomline.


Search committee announces final candidates for dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Search committee announces final candidates for dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Mark Owczarski

The search committee for the Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, chaired by Senior Vice President and Provost Mark McNamee, announces three final candidates selected from a deep applicant pool.

Each candidate will visit the Blacksburg campus for two days and meet in Richmond with external stakeholders at the Virginia Farm Bureau headquarters. An open forum will be held at each location.

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Feeding Beef Cows Based on Body Condition Scores

Feeding Beef Cows Based on Body Condition Scores

Shane Gadberry, Ph.D. Extension Livestock Specialist, University of Arkansas

The amount and type of supplementation required for satisfactory performance in beef herds is greatly influenced by the body condition or body reserves, both protein and fat, of the cattle.

To optimize performance, body condition scores of cows should fall within a range of 5 to 7 (optimum condition) at the initiation of the calving season and remain in this range throughout the breeding season.

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Q&A: Can a person run into problems feeding too much distillers?

Q&A:  Can a person run into problems feeding too much distillers?

Dr. Galen Erickson, Associate Professor of Animal Science. Animal Science, University of Nebraska

A:   We do not routinely run rations because we would need to know much more information. For example, I would need to know all possible ingredients available, their nutrient composition (we could get close on this), but most importantly, the cost of these ingredients. In the case of backgrounding calves, it is also very important to know what type of performance you would like to have (mainly ADG for backgrounding calves).

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Who is SDSU’s next Dean?

Who is SDSU’s next Dean?

The Cattle Business Weekly

Two finalists have been named in the search for the next dean of the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences at South Dakota State University.

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A Small Change In DNA Has A Big Impact In Angus Cattle

A Small Change In DNA Has A Big Impact In Angus Cattle


As you are probably aware, a lethal genetic recessive gene has been recently discovered in Angus cattle.  It is important to understand that this defect is the result of a mutation that occurred and no one is at fault.  Mutations occur naturally and are more often detrimental, as is the case with this one, than good.

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Brahman Association Elects Leadership

Brahman Association Elects Leadership

Cattle Today

The American Brahman Breeders Association met in conjunction with the 2009 Houston Livestock Show for its Annual Membership Meeting. During this meeting, the Officers and Executive Committee for the coming year were elected.

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Odessa College, Sul Ross land Beef production grant

Odessa College, Sul Ross land Beef production grant


Odessa College will announce Thursday a partnership with Sul Ross State University on an educational beef production program through the college agriculture department.

The partnership is offered through a $280,000 grant by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The program, named the Beef Production from Conception to Consumption program, will involve students in the process of raising cattle for slaughter from the field to the actual sale of the meat.

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Grass-fed beef faces taste test

Grass-fed beef faces taste test



Oh, the things I endure to do this job. Consider the following assignment:

Go to a restaurant to eat three steaks and three burgers, then talk with a dozen fellow diners about how the beef tasted.

Sounds onerous, no?

The gathering, held the other week at the Albany Pump Station, was one of the final components of a long study being conducted by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Albany County about the local viability of grass-fed beef.

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Farmer has a beef with conventional grazing

Farmer has a beef with conventional grazing

Pamela Cuthbert

The Star

John Rowe’s mission is to revive grass-fed beef

John Rowe isn’t ready to give up his tractor just yet, but the livestock farmer and founder of the Rowe Farms brand of hormone- and antibiotic-free meats says that’s where he is headed.

After more than 30 years of selling locally raised, needle-free beef, poultry and pork, and leading a collective of farmers to do the same, he is turning his attention to resurrecting all-grass-fed beef. This is part of a goal to develop an “energy- efficient model of farming.”

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Coweta’s cattle farmers take cue from New Zealand

Coweta’s cattle farmers take cue from New Zealand

Jeff Bishop

The Times-Herald

In their quest to raise healthier cattle in a more environmentally sustainable way, some Coweta County cattle farmers are taking a cue from New Zealand.

If that seems like a strange place to get some inspiration, one might compare today’s New Zealand with a young, 19th-century United States of America: geographically isolated, with a very small population.

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Sioux Falls Stockyards To End Cattle Auctions

Sioux Falls Stockyards To End Cattle Auctions


The Sioux Falls Stockyards, which is being offered for sale, plans to end cattle auctions next month.

The nearly 36 acre site, which has industrial zoning, is listed at $3.5 million. A real estate service says it’s an attractive site for redevelopment.

Manager Paul Scott says it was a tough decision but that a limit on how much rain water can run off the grounds is part of the mix.

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Virtual cowboy would rope in cattle

Virtual cowboy would rope in cattle

Mateusz Perkowski

Capital Press

Entrepreneur develops technology to control herds remotely

While driving through the countryside and contemplating potential business ventures, entrepreneur Mark Thibodeau came across a bunch of grazing cattle.

Just about everything is getting hooked up to the Internet and computers these days, but Thibodeau realized livestock were an unfilled niche for such technology.

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Marketing in a recession: Find focus

Marketing in a recession: Find focus

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business weekly

The natural inclination for businesses during a recession is likely to pare down the advertising budget, but marketing and public relations firm Banik Communications says that can be a mistake.

“When all your competitors stop tooting their horns, you should fill the silence with your own tune,” suggests Pat Doyle, creative director for Banik.

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Europe opens up to U.S. beef

Europe opens up to U.S. beef

Mateusz Perkowski

Capital Press

Europe has agreed to accept a lot more non-hormone-treated beef from the U.S., but as rancher Corrine Lindsay can tell you, getting your product across the Atlantic is no simple feat.

As part of a deal struck May 13 between the U.S. and the European Union, 20,000 metric tons of non-hormone-treated beef can be shipped to Europe duty-free for the next three years.

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