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Cheating at the fair?

Cheating at the fair?


Casper Star Tribune

Pete had a robust build and lustrous black hair, and lived a life of luxury in an insulated, temperature-controlled barn that kept him cool in the midsummer heat.

Nick Pince, then 16, saw to Pete’s every need: Bathing him several times a day, giving him specially formulated Purina feed and playing a radio in his stall to accustom him to the noise of people.

Judges crowned Pete grand champion steer at his county fair last summer, but the glory was short-lived.

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Most farm kids learn to drive early on. It’s part of the responsibility given along with daily chores. They learn to drive from parents or siblings because it makes them more useful on the farm, though it creates some odd occasions.

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R-CALF Praise US Livestock Marketing Fairness Act

R-CALF Praise US Livestock Marketing Fairness Act


R-CALF USA has praised a group of senators who introduced the Livestock Marketing Fairness Act this week – an act designed to stop years of unfair abuse of the Packer and Stockyards Act of 1921 (PSA).

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Ideas bear fruit at Berry

Ideas bear fruit at Berry

Bryant Steele

Rome News-Tribune

The whiteboard in Rufus Massey’s office at Berry College (map) is a color-coded mass of lists and boxes with lines and arrows connecting one thing to another or more. It is what Picasso might have come up with had he been a business major.

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Grazing guru makes a case for grass-fed beef

Grazing guru makes a case for grass-fed beef

Republican American

I went to “grazing school” the other day. No, I didn’t go to learn how to eat grass, although the way things are going, that might come in handy some day.

Rather, I wanted to know what farmers needed to learn about livestock feeding that they didn’t already know. I mean, we all know that cows, horses, sheep and goats like grass. What’s there to learn? Don’t let them critters turn your pasture into a field of mud and manure.

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Ag leaders worry about struggling beef industry

Ag leaders worry about struggling beef industry

Brent Martin


Agriculture is Missouri’s number one industry, but many in the industry worry about the state’s number one agricultural segment.

Missouri ranks second in cow-calf production, for now. Jeff Windett with the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association says beef producers are struggling.

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Response to growth promoting implants in suckling calves

Response to growth promoting implants in suckling calves

Dr. Glenn Selk, Extension Cattle Specialist, Oklahoma State University

The information available for suckling steer calves and heifer calves not intended for replacements is clear that growth promoting implants are consistent in improving average daily gain from implanting to weaning.  Other reviewers have stated that the decision to implant is much more important than the decision of which implant to use (Corah and Blanding, 1991).

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