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Video Feature: ABC News Atlanta Exposé on HSUS Donations

Farm Groups Fight Card Check Union Bill

Farm Groups Fight Card Check Union Bill

Matt Kaye

Hoosier AG Today

A coalition of farm groups is fighting organized labor’s top legislative priority this year, the Employee Free Choice Act, or card check. Hoosier and former USDA secretary and deputy secretary Chuck Conner, now National Council of Farmer Cooperatives chief, says card check will hurt his members and their 300-thousand employees.


Recession + Consumers = Changes in Buying Habits

Recession + Consumers = Changes in Buying Habits

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

As a global recession continues to plague the 2009 economy, the beef industry is paying close attention to consumer buying habits, particularly their food purchases — and with good reason.


An Alternative to Expensive Summer

An Alternative to Expensive Summer

Dr. Rick Rasby, Professor of Animal Science, Animal Science, University of Nebraska

The calls continue to come in asking about the feasibility of dry-lotting beef cows. Dry-lotting cow/calf pairs seems like a lot of work. In addition, cows belong on pasture in the spring and summer and one of the unique characteristics of cattle is they have the ability to convert forage to protein.


Optimism about sale of Postville plant

Optimism about sale of Postville plant


Des Moines Register

State leaders say they are working aggressively to help attract a new, reputable owner for a bankrupt Postville meatpacking plant, and they are optimistic a sale will be announced soon.

Some locals have expressed skepticism about the state’s efforts to help attract a qualified buyer.


Nebraska ag groups want livestock ID session in Omaha

Nebraska ag groups want livestock ID session in Omaha

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Network

Three Nebraska ag groups are supporting Senator Mike Johanns’ call for Omaha to be added to the USDA’s National Animal Identification System—NAIS—listening tour.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau, Nebraska Cattlemen and Nebraska Pork Producers Association issued a joint statement on the matter. Pork Producers executive director Larry Sitzman finds it odd that a Midwest location was not included on the tour.


A commitment to quality beef

A commitment to quality beef

Elizabeth Barrett

Gothenburg Times

Feedlot owner touts holistic approach to caring for cattle and bolstering consumer confidence

When other families are opening presents on a snowy Christmas morning, Anne Burkholder or one of her employees don coveralls and rubber boots to care for cattle in the family feedlot at Willow Island.