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Video Feature: More on Value Added Calves

Video Feature: More on Value Added Calves

NCBA’s Cattlemen to Cattlemen

Adding value is an important step for a producers bottom line.

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Distiller grains a positive for heifer nutrition and reproduction

Distiller grains a positive for heifer nutrition and reproduction

The Cattle Business Weekly

Through a two year study at two different locations in Nebraska it was determined that developing heifers fed distiller grains had improved reproduction because of the energy and protein found in distillers.

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Managing Recessive Defects with DNA Tools

Managing Recessive Defects with DNA Tools


During the past several years, a number of recessive genetic defects have surfaced in beef cattle populations. These events are likely due to changes in breeding practices that include increased selection intensity on individual traits as well as the use of reproductive technologies like artificial insemination (AI) and embryo transfer (ET), writes Jonathan Beever, University of Illinois.

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Give anthrax vaccinations before turnout

Give anthrax vaccinations before turnout

The Cattle Business Weekly

Russ Daly, South Dakota State University veterinarian, advises cattle producers to include anthrax vaccines in their programs before turning cattle out to summer pasture.

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Livestock losses could be in tens of thousands

Livestock losses could be in tens of thousands

The Westerner

Although exact loss numbers are still being figured, it is apparent that this year’s spring blizzards killed tens of thousands of cattle and sheep in the West River region. Based on estimates putting losses at between 15 percent and 20 percent in the hardest-hit areas, the number of dead calves and cattle could hit 50,000 or more, with a potential economic loss of $25 million

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Brangus Gold Heifers Making Profitable Impact

Brangus Gold Heifers Making Profitable Impact


The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) is pleased to announce that Brangus Gold, the IBBA’s commercial female verification program, is starting to reap rewards for participants in the sale ring. On May 2, 2009 at the Jordan Livestock sale in San Saba, Texas 94 Brangus Gold-tagged females earned an average of $996/head, well above the average sale price.

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JBS Aims to Become Largest Beef Distributor, CEO Says

JBS Aims to Become Largest Beef Distributor, CEO Says

Fabiola Moura


JBS SA, the world’s largest beef producer, said it aims to also become the largest distributor of the meat by the end of next year and has been approached by companies seeking to be acquired.

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