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Video Feature: Orion Samuelson discusses beef’s latest detractors

Orion Samuelson on his Samuelson Sez segment of “This Week in Agribusiness” discusses a new report released by “The Wildlife Guardians” on how bad the cattle industry is.”This Week in Agribusiness”  is available on channel 231 on Dish Network and 345 on Direct TV, as well as many local stations.

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President Finds Unpopular Savings in Agriculture

President Finds Unpopular Savings in Agriculture

Hoosier AG Today

  The Ranking Member on the Senate Ag Committee is not happy and is calling the extra time taken to put together a more detailed budget an utter waste. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia says President Obama’s proposed budget request still includes the same ill-advised cuts to the farm safety net, including a 250-thousand dollar cap on farm subsidies and a phase-out of direct payments to large operators. Chambliss admits some of the proposed savings may seem reasonable to those who don’t understand the economics of farming. But he says most are misguided recycled gimmicks from previous years.

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Early Summer De-worming of Nursing Beef Calves Affected Summer Weight Gain

Early Summer De-worming of Nursing Beef Calves Affected Summer Weight Gain

Glenn Selk,  Oklahoma State University Extension Cattle Reproduction Specialist

Five de-worming trials were conducted at the Eastern Research Station located at Haskell, OK during 1992 through 1996. Crossbred cows and their Charolais sired calves were  blocked by sex of calf, calf age and cow age then randomly allotted to  three treatments:  1) non-de-wormed control, 2) de-worm calf only; 3) de-worm cow only; and 4) de-worm cow and calf.  Two or three treatments were applied each year including one control group.  Each treatment was applied two or three years.

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NCBA Urges Obama to Support Open Markets

NCBA Urges Obama to Support Open Markets


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) joined with a coalition of more than 50 national agriculture and business groups to urge President Obama to support open markets and level playing fields for international trade by upholding U.S. obligations under World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements.

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Man sentenced in SD ranch theft

Man sentenced in SD ranch theft

The Cattle Business Weekly

A Brule County, South Dakota man was sentenced in circuit court last week to jail time and restitution for a charge of Receiving Stolen Property-Grand Theft. 46-year-old Scott Lawson of rural Kimball, S.D. was given a sentence of four years in the state penitentiary for the crime, which is a Class Four Felony

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Meet the new bos, same as the old bos

Meet the new bos, same as the old bos

Richard Siemers

The Land

Bruce Johnson is breeding his Evergreen Angus herd to fashion a line of Angus cattle that restores some of the original Angus qualities.

He is working to produce Angus cattle that will yield marbled beef on grass only, and do it with females that are good for fertility, calving ease, longevity and efficiency.

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Enhancing EPDs through Genomics

Enhancing EPDs through Genomics

Meghan Richey

Beef Improvement Federation

“The beef seedstock business is entering a new era of animal evaluation. Breakthroughs in genomics technology now offer the potential to increase the accuracy of existing EPDs (expected progeny differences) as well as select for traits not previously evaluated,” said U.S. Beef Breeds Council representative Kent Andersen at the 2009 Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) conference May 1 in Sacramento, Calif.

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Going Cold Turkey From Meat

Going Cold Turkey From Meat

CBS Sunday Morning

Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

The backyard barbeque … the Thanksgiving turkey … the hot dog in the bleachers … great flocks of chickens, acres of hogs and herds of beef cattle moving across an open range.

Americans love the steak house, the chicken shack, the big burger, and bringing home the bacon.

Americans lead the world in meat consumption. It’s an irreplaceable part of our diet … or at least it used to be.

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Longhorns are a passion for unlikely rancher

Longhorns are a passion for unlikely rancher

Chip Womick

Asheboro Courier-Tribune

Like everyone else, Zach Moffitt was attracted to Texas longhorn cattle because of, well, their long horns.

When he visited a Chatham County breeder to get an up-close look at his first longhorn a few years back, Moffitt asked, as many do, about their temperament, seeing as they carry those potentially dangerous weapons upon their heads.

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To Castrate or Not to Castrate??

To Castrate or Not to Castrate??

Glenn Selk,  Oklahoma State University Extension Cattle Reproduction Specialist

A question commonly discussed around small town coffee shops would sound like this: “Is it worth the trouble to castrate male calves at ‘calf working time’ or should I just leave them to sell as ‘cutter bulls’?”

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Beef production provides strong foundation for economy, culture

Beef production provides strong foundation for economy, culture

Amy Nelms

The Orion

Just as The Orion is entitled to its opinion, I am also entitled to mine. The article by Therese Marucci, “Vegetarian lifestyle shown valuable for environment, livestock,” published April 22, shows a lack of research on the issue. The article is misleading because it is presented in the features section but is really an opinion piece.

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Annual Tucumcari Bull Test breaks down genetic markers in cattle

Annual Tucumcari Bull Test breaks down genetic markers in cattle

High Plains Journal

DNA does not lie. When the bovine genome is completely mapped, beef cattle producers will have more accurate tools to make genetic advancements in their herds.

At the 48th Annual Tucumcari Bull Test, seed stock producers of the New Mexico Beef Cattle Performance Association have embraced the most current advancements in DNA-marker technology to better understand how their breeding programs stack up with already defined markers for some of the more economically important performance and beef quality traits.

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ND cattle herd released from quarantine

ND cattle herd released from quarantine


State officials say a southwestern North Dakota beef cattle herd has been declared free of bovine tuberculosis and released from quarantine.

Cattle in the herd were tested after a cow with a TB lesion was found at a meat processing plant in Long Prairie, Minn., late last year.

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BVD: Diagnosing To Stop Continued Losses

BVD: Diagnosing To Stop Continued Losses


Getting the proper diagnosis and setting up a prevention plan is critical to stopping these continued losses, regardless of the enterprise that is on your operation. There are multiple options that differ in terms of the tests used and the associated costs, so it is important to understand which group of animals is most likely to harbor the PI individuals.

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Average cost of cattle ID system is $5.97 per head

Average cost of cattle ID system is $5.97 per head

The Cattle Business Weekly

Benefit-cost analysis provides NAIS breakdown

The National Animal Identification System is a sticky subject in cattle country. For many cattle producers, too little is known about NAIS and its direct impact on them.

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