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Market Advisor: Will H1N1 Flu Affect Cattle and Beef Prices?

Market Advisor: Will H1N1 Flu Affect Cattle and Beef Prices?

Tim Petry, Livestock Marketing Economist

The Cattle Business Weekly

Will the H1N1 (swine flu) influenza virus affect cattle and beef prices? The short answer to that question is yes. However, the total magnitude of the impact

is difficult to forecast at this time.

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Black Ink: Maximize only balance

Black Ink:  Maximize only balance

Miranda Reiman

Stop trying to get maximum production. No more topping last year’s average daily gains, enough with the peak efficiencies and quit angling for record marbling scores every time.

Does that advice cause a pause?

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BeefTalk: Calving Date Equals Latitude and Altitude

BeefTalk: Calving Date Equals Latitude and Altitude

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

As cow-calf producers, we understand where we live, but when we seek advice, we often seek that advice from those who live elsewhere.

As with any major change within a beef operation, each change needs to be thought out and penciled through. Recently, the bull turnout and subsequent calving date have been the focus of considerable discussion.

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Effects of the U.S. horse slaughter ban

Effects of the U.S. horse slaughter ban

Rita Brhel

Capital Press

That horse owners around the nation are starting to feel desperate in finding ways to unload their aging and unwanted stock, is an understatement.

Earlier this month, at least one horse owner hauled his live horse to the Fremont County landfill near St. Anthony, Idaho, before shooting it and unloading the carcass into the dead animal pit.

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Vaccination Time Is Around The Corner- Is Your Refrigerator Ready?

Vaccination Time Is Around The Corner- Is Your Refrigerator Ready?


Producers know that springtime brings calves and breeding time; however, what most producers don’t think about is How is the refrigerator working? Many producers think that if they hear the motor running, the refrigerator is  working fine and there is no need to worry. Think again! A case study conducted by Arkansas researchers dispelled the myth that if the motor is running, everything is fine. The refrigerator that stores all those animal health products is usually a very overlooked piece of equipment that is just as important as any other tool on a farm, maybe more so.

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The Impact of Influenza on Beef Markets

The Impact of Influenza on Beef Markets


Even the name has huge implications. Early references to the swine flu have left the pork industry reeling from a variety of impacts. Recognition that this new strain of flu is a combination of swine, avian and human components has led most officials to begin using the name influenza A (H1N1).

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Trace Mineral Deficiencies Can Cause Problems in Herd

Trace Mineral Deficiencies Can Cause Problems in Herd

Heather Smith Thomas

Cattle Today

Some minerals, like calcium and phosphorus, are required in fairly large amounts by the body, but deficiency is generally not a problem because these macro-minerals are often present in high levels in many feeds. Other minerals are needed in very tiny amounts and are thus called trace minerals, but they are also very important to the health of the animal. Serious problems can occur if diet is deficient in these crucial minerals.

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