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Renting Pastures

Renting Pastures

John Jennings Extension Livestock Specialist

Pasture rental rates range from $5 to $30 per acre per year in Arkansas. The rate depends on the bargaining arrangement between the landlord and lessee and is based on many factors.

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Spring is a Good Time to Evaluate Forage Needs and Plan for Next Winter

Spring is a Good Time to Evaluate Forage Needs and Plan for Next Winter

Mark A. McCann, Extension Animal Scientist, VA Tech

Like so many farm chores, about the time you finish one, it is time to plan for the next cycle. Forage programs and winter feed needs are a great example of this occurrence. By the time hay rings are moved out of the pasture, plans for the next winter forage program need to be in place, if not in practice. All too often the annual cycle of these activities and the pace of life on the farm prevent the questioning of their value or examination of the cost/benefit impacts. Reflecting on and mapping out the basic forage needs of the cow herd and their expected costs provide some opportunity to modify management and strategy if warranted.

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The Impact of Influenza on Beef Markets

The Impact of Influenza on Beef Markets

Derrell S. Peel, OSU Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist, Oklahoma State University

Even the name has huge implications.  Early references to the swine flu have left the pork industry reeling from a variety of impacts.  Recognition that this new strain of flu is a combination of swine, avian and human components has led most officials to begin using the name influenza A (H1N1). 

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Working Facilities for Small Beef Herds

Working Facilities for Small Beef Herds

Ronnie Silcox and Dan Brown, Extension Animal Scientists and Furman Kay, Extension Engineer, University of Georgia

Working facilities are necessary to carry out basic management practices. It is impossible to carry out a good controlled breeding, record or health program if you cannot catch and restrain animals. Many small producers think that a working facility is too expensive, but without proper facilities basic management practices are not done. This results in the loss of a great deal of money.

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Feedlot Marker-Assisted Management

Feedlot Marker-Assisted Management

Troy Smith

Beef Improvement Federation

During the 2009 Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) symposium, speaker Bill Kolath told the general session audience how DNA technology is being applied by the cattle feeding sector. Kolath, who oversees production research for Cargill Meat Solutions, said feedlot managers are using DNA gene marker panels to sort cattle into outcome groups.

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Good Record Keeping is Tedious Task for Producers

Good Record Keeping is Tedious Task for Producers

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Working with different data sets should help producers make better decisions. Depending on short or long term goals, sometimes operations get wires crossed as to the best way to attack the problem.

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New Inspection Directive Released

New Inspection Directive Released


Concerns over an increase in E. coli 0157:H7 positives in samples of ground beef and trim, and an increase in the number of product recalls, was cause enough for USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service to issue a new directive.

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