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Time to Evaluate Entire Herd Performance

Time to Evaluate Entire Herd Performance

Beef Today

Everyone uses a different process to make decisions, says Sandy Johnson, Kansas State University livestock specialist. How do you make decisions on whether your cow herd is going in the right direction? “Some look very closely at individual performance information to make culling and breeding decisions,” she says. “This can be an important step in moving a herd in a desired direction.”

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Liver Fluke Control in Beef Cattle

Liver Fluke Control in Beef Cattle

M.B. Irsik, Charles Courtney III, and Ed Richey, University of Florida

The adult liver fluke resides in the bile ducts of the animal’s liver. The adult liver flukes produce eggs which are carried with bile to the gut and are then passed in the feces .

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Feedlot Economics

Feedlot Economics

Dillon M. Feuz

Tri State Livestock News

When will profitability return to feedlots? I maintain a model of expected Nebraska feedlot profitability. It assumes that calves and yearlings are purchased at the average auction market price in Nebraska and that fed cattle are sold at the average live price in Nebraska.

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Johanns Cautions USDA on Organic Emphasis

Johanns Cautions USDA on Organic Emphasis

Stewart Doan

Hoosier AG Today

A Bush-era Secretary of Agriculture marked the 100th day of the Obama Presidency by offering some unsolicited advice to the current political team at USDA. Citing ag secretary Tom Vilsack’s plan to conduct the first-ever wide scale survey of organic farming, the appointment of organic advocate Kathleen Merrigan as deputy secretary, and the planting of organic gardens on the White House grounds and outside the USDA Whitten building, former USDA chief and now Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns, complained there is too much emphasis on organic farming and too little on traditional farming and ranching operations.

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Grazing to Biodiveristy

Grazing to Biodiveristy

Ed Haag

Angus Journal

Central California’s vernal wetlands are considered by many in the scientific community as one of the most threatened ecosystems in the continental United States

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Monitoring Herd Health Security Important

Monitoring Herd Health Security Important

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

Part 1

Over recent years cattle producers have become increasingly aware of the need to take steps to insure the “health security of their herds.” World events have created an interest and concern for keeping our families and homes safe. They have also emphasized a need for taking measures to insure our livestock operations are safe as well.

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New Solutions For Wet Distillers’ Grains Storage Challenges

New Solutions For Wet Distillers’ Grains Storage Challenges


The drying of dry distillers’ grains with soluble (DDGS) represents as much 30% of the energy costs and 50% of the natural gas usage in a typical dry mill ethanol plant.

To help lessen these costs, ethanol plants are attempting to create a market for wet distillers’ grains, thus eliminating the cost of drying the grains they sell as feed. Wet distillers’ grains offer a significant cost savings for beef producers in the form of lower-cost feeds per unit of energy or protein.

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