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BeefTalk: Horses and Beef, They Still Go Together

BeefTalk: Horses and Beef, They Still Go Together

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Annual Horse Production Costs Annual Horse Production Costs

The cost of raising beef cattle continues to go up, as does the cost of maintaining a working ranch horse, which affects the bottom line of the beef business.

The other day was difficult. The discussion centered on the horse industry as the Dickinson Research Extension Center was reviewing program costs. As the horse program was discussed, the updated costs were noted.

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Succeeding in tough times, six strategies

Succeeding in tough times, six strategies

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

“The good times will come again,” says Vincent Amanor-Boadu, an agribusiness professor at Kansas State University, in speaking about today’s current economic downturn.

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Mississippi Breeders Inducted into AICA Hall of Fame

Mississippi Breeders Inducted into AICA Hall of Fame

Cattle Today

At the AICA Spring Board of Directors Meeting, March 1-2, in Kansas City, Mo., Harlan and Dorotheann Rogers were welcomed into the AICA Hall of Fame as nominated by fellow breeders for numerous years of outstanding excellence of raising Charolais cattle.

Harlan and Dorotheann Rogers live on their 2,000 plus-acre ranch, Rogers Bar HR, near the town of Collins, Miss., where they run over 700 registered Charolais cattle and 9,000 commercial heifers. Their four sons, Oby, Bernie, Doug and Joey are involved in the operation and various businesses in Covington County.

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Farmers face growing climate change dilemma: scientist

Farmers face growing climate change dilemma: scientist

David Fogarty

Scientific American

Farmers of the future will have to use cattle and sheep that belch less methane, crops that emit far less planet-warming nitrous oxide and become experts in reporting their greenhouse gas emissions to the government.

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Beef Industry Fights for Room at the Table

Beef Industry Fights for Room at the Table

The Westerner

The U.S. beef industry is trying to fight recession-related woes by promoting new, cheaper cuts from less popular parts of the steer and pushing beef harder overseas. The industry’s moves mirror those of restaurants, supermarkets and packaged-food companies seeking ways to entice budget-conscious consumers who are dining out less and looking for ways to economize at home.

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Efforts to Keep Ag. and Ranching Alive

Efforts to Keep Ag. and Ranching Alive

The Independent

A tour last week of a ranch in Sunol provided insights into how ranchland and agriculture ares being preserved in this area. The obstacles to preservation were discussed as well. There was also a presentation on the potential for and importance of locally grown commodities.

     The tour was sponsored by the Alameda County Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and hosted by Rancher Tim Koopman. Phil Wente discussed local products. Among those in attendance were representatives from Alameda County and staff from the cities of Livermore and Pleasanton.

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Vanishing Breed, In Growing Demand

Vanishing Breed, In Growing Demand 

Andrew Jenner

Harrisonburg’s T&E Meats Serves As One Of Few Links Between Local Meat Producers And Consumers

Daily News Record

The T&E Meats building sits along Charles Street on the north side of Harrisonburg, one of the neighborhood’s many squat, nondescript and easily-overlooked industrial buildings. And in another sense, it sits on lonely ground as a local, federally-inspected meat processing facility – an essential link between growers and consumers  of animals.

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