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Control of Horn Flies and Stable flies in Beef Herds

Control of Horn FLies and Stable flies in Beef Herds

Dr. Ralph Williams, Purdue University, discusses identification and control of flies in Beef herds.

Commodity beef hit harder by economic downturn

Commodity beef hit harder by economic downturn

Quality shines in tough times

Amid news of decreased consumer spending and falling stock prices, the beef industry has its bright spots.

Market analyst Dillon Feuz says overall protein purchasing patterns point out a dedication to beef.

“So far the data has not shown that consumers have really cut back on beef consumption,” he says. “They’ve just altered that consumption.”

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Does American Agriculture Have A Drug Problem?

Does American Agriculture Have A Drug Problem?

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

Does American Agriculture have a drug problem? Well, given the performance of the market, the actions of Mother Nature, and the beating agriculture is taking in Washington, farmers would be justified in harvesting some of that wacko weed from the back pasture and rolling a joint.

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Since the collapse of the economy in October ’08 I’ve become a sports fan in an effort to escape the barrage of bad news. I rediscovered the compelling yet inane lure of games, fans, players and broadcasters.

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Learning to Read the Languange of Cows

Learning to Read the Languange of Cows


Have you observed your cows’ legs and feet lately? Watched them walking? What about their eyes? Have you taken a close look at their production and health records?

Cows can give us signs by how they look, perform and behave on whether or not they are at ease. We all agree they deserve to be comfortable. It is our ‘contract’ with them. Give us milk and we give you a good environment, protection, feed and water, veterinary care. Limited research has shown that a comfortable cow produces more milk.

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R-CALF: Congress Must Flatly Reject NAIS

R-CALF: Congress Must Flatly Reject NAIS


R-CALF USA on Friday submitted additional, post-hearing testimony in opposition to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) National Animal Identification System (NAIS) after the March 11, 2009, “Review of Animal Identification Systems” hearing by the House Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry. R-CALF USA’s testimony described the NAIS as “an unnecessary, over-the-top and highly intrusive Federal scheme that violates the rights and privileges of U.S. livestock owners.”

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Pfizer teams up with the MSU Extension

Pfizer teams up with the MSU Extension

Upper Michigan Resource

A major pharmaceutical company is testing a new drug to eradicate Bovine Viral Diarrhea.

A major pharmaceutical company is teaming with the MSU Extension offices in the U.P. to try to eradicate Bovine Viral Diarrhea.

The disease doesn’t affect the meat quality, but it does affect the reproductive systems of beef and dairy cattle.

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Obama strengthens federal meat safety law

Obama strengthens federal meat safety law

Neil Nisperos

Pasadena Star News

In light of the permanent federal ban on the slaughter of cows too sick or weak to stand, the Humane Society of the United States hopes to appeal a judge’s decision blocking a state ban on meat from downer cattle.

Wayne Pacelle, president of the HSUS, is disappointed with a judge’s recent granting of a preliminary injunction requested by meat industry trade groups to block a state law preventing so-called downer livestock from entering the meat supply.

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Video auditing benefits touted at animal welfare conference

Video auditing benefits touted at animal welfare conference

Joel Crews


During presentations at this week’s Animal Care & Handling Conference, there were many references to how operators of slaughtering facilities should respond to the use of undercover video footage by anti-industry interest groups whose goal it is to shed negative light on the production of protein-based food. Based on information presented at the American Meat Institute Foundation-sponsored annual event, a growing number of processors are retorting by also using video cameras trained on all aspects of their slaughtering operations.

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New Mexico gets split status for bovine TB

New Mexico gets split status for bovine TB


Modesto Bee

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has given New Mexico “split status” for bovine tuberculosis – meaning only two counties in the state will be under strict requirements for moving and testing cattle.

The status, announced Friday, will require bovine TB tests only for cattle shipped from eastern New Mexico’s Curry and Roosevelt counties, said Sens. Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall, D-N.M.

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Machine Grading: More Machines, More Choice

Machine Grading:  More Machines, More Choice

 Steve Cornett

AG Web

The market analysts last week were struck by the remarkable lack of divergence between Choice and Select beef prices and, interestingly, they seem agreed that one of the biggest factors is the use of mechanical grading.

You’ll recall that last year, after much prodding by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, USDA finally approved the use of machinery to replace human eyeball graders. The goal was to make grading more predictable and “fairer.”

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Montana Livestock Forum, Nutrition Conference set for April 21, 22

Montana Livestock Forum, Nutrition Conference set for April 21, 22

Montana State University

Meaningless information that cattle buyers don’t value any more is one of the many topics that will be discussed during this year’s Montana Livestock Forum and Nutrition Conference in Bozeman.

The conference, titled “They’re Black and They’ve had their Shots … Any other Questions?,” will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, April 21 and 22, at the Gran Tree Inn.

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Udder Soundness is Important Culling Criteria

Udder Soundness is Important Culling Criteria

Dr. Glenn Selk, Extension Cattle Specialist, Oklahoma State University

Every year at “preg” checking time, ranchers evaluate cows and make decisions as which to remove from the herd.  This fall will find many producers culling the herd deeper than usual because of very short forage supplies in many areas of Oklahoma.  One criteria that should be examined to cull cows is udder quality.  Beef cattle producers are not as likely to think about udder health and shape as are dairy producers, but this attribute affects cow productivity and should be considered.

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Angus Show Draws 390 Entries

Angus Show Draws 390 Entries

Tom Mitchell

Daily News Record

Minutes before leading his 16-month-old steer, Luigi, into the ring at Rockingham Fairgrounds, Freddy Frey stood outside the showroom trying to perfect the animal’s posture.

To that end, Freddy gently poked his entry with a 4-foot-long black metal “show” stick.

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Important Factors Impact Manure Value

Important Factors Impact Manure Value


Feedlot managers are moving away from once-a-year manure application on the closest field to one of multiple strategies, all of which are designed to improve the timing, rate, value, and stewardship of this natural resource.

A great deal of interest has surfaced recently regarding feedlot manure. It really started in Iowa with the feedlot registration effort (2001) and continued on through the application and receipt of NPDES permits for many farms.

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