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Producer perspective – Jerry Wulf

Jerry Wulf of Morris, MN, discusses managing costs and product quality in relation to his family’s business – which encompasses a seedstock, stocker and feedlot operation, with natural components. Recorded a the 2008 Beef Quality Summit, November 2008, Colorado Springs, CO. This Recording is a production of the Animal Sciences Department, Purdue University.

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California will host BIF symposium

California will host BIF symposium

Angus Beef Bulletin

Registration opens at noon Wednesday, April 29.

Events Thursday include the East Tour, the opening reception and the biennial National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB) Symposium.

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Water Quality is Important to Livestock Health

Water Quality is Important to Livestock Health

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D, PAS

Of all the nutrients, water is the most important. And often the most overlooked. It is the most abundant component in all living organisms with the body of the typical adult mammal composed of about 60 percent water. Its importance is emphasized in that of all the nutrients, water is needed on the most regular basis and in the highest volume.

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No more antibiotic use in California?

No more antibiotic use in California?


A California state legislator has introduced a bill that would practically end the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture. The bill would, as of January 1, 2012, prohibit schools from serving poultry and meat products which have been treated with antibiotics for non-therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

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UW-Madison program gives high school students a dose of animal medicine

UW-Madison program gives high school students a dose of animal medicine



Clearly, some kids had never been in a dairy barn before.

They stood ready to spring out of the way of a flying cow pie.

They watched, astonished, as Dr. Harry Momont’s arm disappeared into the rear end of a cow.

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Conditional OK given for E. coli cattle vaccine

Conditional OK given for E. coli cattle vaccine


Federal regulators have conditionally approved the sale of a vaccine designed to reduce E. coli O157 in cattle, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Officials from Epitopix claim theirs is the first animal vaccine in the United States targeted against E. coli O157 bacteria and according to the report, the start-up company has been granted conditional license from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to start selling the vaccine to cattle producers and beef processors.

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NCBA Launches Robust Spring Roundup Membership Drive

NCBA Launches Robust Spring Roundup Membership Drive


This year, the U.S. Congress will address many legislative issues that directly affect cattlemen’s bottom line – including property rights and environmental regulations. “The industry needs a stronger voice that represents the forceful, unified influence of America’s beef producers,” said Forrest Roberts, NCBA’s chief executive officer, when announcing the new “Spring Roundup” membership campaign.

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