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Mike Miller, Cattle Fax: Economic Perspective

Mike Miller, Cattle Fax, discusses the long-term effects of rising costs on beef quality, demand and profit. Recorded a the 2008 Beef Quality Summit, November 2008, Colorado Springs, CO. This Recording is a production of the Animal Sciences Department, Purdue University.

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H.R. 814 will make NAIS federal law

 H.R. 814 will make NAIS federal law

Marti Oakley

H.R. 814 reads, in part:

To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the Federal Meat Inspection Act, the Poultry Products Inspection Act, and the Egg Products Inspection Act to improve the safety of food, meat, and poultry products through enhanced traceability, and for other purposes.

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Healthy animals means healthy food

Healthy animals means healthy food

John Schlageck

The Emporia Gazette

Today, raising livestock on a farm or ranch is a dynamic, specialized profession that has proven one of the most successful in the world. Today’s animal husbandry, or care and feeding of livestock, is no accident.

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Cattlemen Speaker Outlines His Beefs

Cattlemen Speaker Outlines His Beefs

Gary Gray

Bristol Herald Courier

The nation’s new stimulus package will do nothing but “patch things up for awhile,” J. Burton Eller, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association vice president of government affairs, told the 14-county Southwest Virginia Agriculture Association on Saturday.

Eller was one of two guest speakers at the meeting, where association members from 14 Southwest Virginia counties heard what in essence was a conservative rally for deregulation and less government interference.

“The country’s a different place right now – the world’s a different place,” Eller said.

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George Will: Corn-fed diet bad medicine for Americans

George Will: Corn-fed diet bad medicine for Americans


WASHINGTON — Tom Vilsack, Iowa’s former governor, calls his “the most important department in government,” noting that the Agriculture Department serves education through school nutrition programs and serves diplomacy by trying to wean Afghanistan from a poppy-based (meaning heroin-based) economy. But Vilsack’s department matters most because of the health costs of the American diet. If Michael Pollan is right, the problem is rooted in politics and, in a sense, Iowa.

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Hunger for locally-produced meat grows

Hunger for locally-produced meat grows

Though costlier, homegrown products enjoy rising demand

John Boyle

Asheville Citizen Times

When it comes to locally grown food, produce usually grabs the headlines.

It’s eye-catching, bountiful at local tailgate markets, and it’s relatively simple to grow and sell.

But demand for locally produced meat also continues to boom in the mountains as people seek out a connection with their food providers and a healthier alternative to mass-produced products.

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Drought, Recession Scorch Texas Cattle Ranchers

Drought, Recession Scorch Texas Cattle Ranchers

Ed Stoddard and Jessica Rinaldi

The Post Chronicle

Frates Seeligson recalls when his ranch last saw rain: September of last year.That was around the time he took on an extra 200 cows to help a farmer whose fields were ravaged by Hurricane Ike.

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