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Video Feature: Making COOL work for you


Video Feature:  Making COOL work for you

Craig Morris and Tom Field team up to provide an update of mandatory country of origin labeling. Recorded a the 2008 Beef Quality Summit, Novemebr 2008, Colorado Springs, CO. This Recording is a production of the Animal Sciences Department, Purdue University.

Video Feature: Grass Tetany Primer


Video Feature:  Grass Tetany Primer

Dr. Ron Lemenager discusses the prevention, symptoms and causes of the metabolic disease grass tetany.

Is organic food safer?

Is organic food safer?


Consumers are starting to question whether organic foods are safer than conventional foods. And in today’s economy, they’re questioning whether organic foods are worth the extra cost — sometimes as much as 50 percent more than conventional foods.


FDA feed ban brings challenges, opportunities to Minnesota renderer

FDA feed ban brings challenges, opportunities to Minnesota renderer

Rita Brhel

Cattle Business Weekly

The Food and Drug Administration’s final expanded feed ban rule is no doubt causing a lot of headaches in the beef and dairy industries, from producers to packing plants to rendering companies. But, for at least one renderer, the ruling has created opportunity to develop new value-added products.


5 Risk management tools to consider in 2009

5 Risk management tools to consider in 2009

Job Springer, Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

American Cowman

The stock market is not the only investment that fell in value during 2008 – the agricultural commodities markets have, too. Many agricultural producers across the United States are feeling the pinch from falling commodity prices. Because of the current downturn in these markets, it has become more important than ever for agricultural producers to manage their price risks.


Carbon credits not fast money

Carbon credits not fast money

Carbon credit market pays for practices landowners may already be using

Tri State livestock News

For a landowner looking to turn a quick profit, the carbon credit market is not the best option, but it can offer supplementary income for conservation practices that are part of a long-term management strategy.

“This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme,” said Gary Wyatt, an extension educator with the University of Minnesota. But it can be a nice payment for practices that meet a producer’s short-term and long-term goals.


AHA Announces 2008 Dams of Distinction

AHA Announces 2008 Dams of Distinction

Rausch Herefords tops the list for 28th year

For 2008, 1,938 Hereford cows from 641 Hereford performance herds in 45 states earned the honor of being named a Dam of Distinction by the American Hereford Association (AHA).

            For the 28th consecutive year, South Dakota Hereford operation Rausch Herefords owns the most Dams of Distinction honored at 56 head, and again leads its state to the top of the list with 319 cows recognized.

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