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Craig Morris: USDA and Country of Origin Labeling

Craig Morris with USDA discusses Country of Origin Labeling and how it effects producers, packers and provisioners. Recorded a the 2008 Beef Quality Summit, November 2008, Colorado Springs, CO. This Recording is a production of the Animal Sciences Department, Purdue University.

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Composite Beef Breeds

Composite Beef Breeds

Brett Barham, Ph.D., Extension Livestock Specialist, University of Arkansas

The terms composite, synthetic and hybrid are used to signify new breeds or new lines of cattle. Many times these terms are used interchangeably. In any case, a planned mating scheme is designed to combine the desirable traits of two or more breeds into one “package” (or composite). A more formal definition of a composite is a breed made up of at least two component breeds, designed to retain heterosis in future generations without crossbreeding and maintained as a purebred.

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Freeze Branding Cattle Using Liquid Nitrogen

Freeze Branding Cattle Using Liquid Nitrogen

Tim Wilson, Extension Animal Scientist – Beef Cattle, University of Georgia

Identifying cattle and maintaining records should be a high priority among cattle producers. Individual identification allows producers to maintain accurate records and, in the long term, use them to improve overall production efficiency. One type of permanent identification is branding.

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California bill to restrict antibiotic use in livestock

California bill to restrict antibiotic use in livestock

Catherine Merlo

Beef Today

Two weeks after he proposed legislation to ban tail docking of dairy cows, California’s Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez has introduced a bill that would restrict the use of antibiotics in raising livestock.

Senate Bill 416 would prohibit schools from serving poultry or meat products treated with antibiotics to pupils. That portion of the bill, if passed, would take effect in January 2012.

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IBCA Honors Industry’s Best at Cattle Convention

IBCA Honors Industry’s Best at Cattle Convention

Hoosier AG Today

The Indiana Beef Cattle Association (IBCA) honored its best at an awards banquet held in conjunction with the 2009 Indiana Cattle and Forage Symposium. Producers from across the state traveled to Indianapolis to salute the men and women who provide the leadership for the Indiana beef industry.

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Providing a system of care against animal diseases

Providing a system of care against animal diseases

Mallory Becker, Animal Science Student, University of Nebraska

Animal diseases are an important concern for livestock producers, not only because of agro-security concerns associated with foreign animal disease threats such as foot and mouth disease, but also for ever-present disease problems like respiratory and enteric diseases. Prevention of illness is almost always less expensive than treatment. Providing a system of care to prevent common diseases is more cost effective than relying upon antibiotics and other drugs to treat disease once it has developed.

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Horse processing bill…

Horse processing bill…

HB 418 goes to House floor

Lisa Schmidt

Western AG Reporter

The House Ag Committee passed HB 418, which authorizes investor-owned livestock slaughter and processing plants and disallows courts from issuing an injunction that stops or slows construction of a horse slaughter or processing plant based on a challenge to permits, licenses, certificates, or other approval.

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