Storage of Wet Corn Co-Products: Silo Bag Storage

Storage of Wet Corn Co-Products: Silo Bag Storage

G. Erickson, T. Klopfenstein, R. Rasby, A. Stalker, B. Plugge, D. Bauer, D. Mark, D. Adams, J. Benton, M. Greenquist, B. Nuttleman, L. Kovarik, M. Peterson, J. Waterbury and M. Wilken, University of Nebraska

Storage of WDGS by itself in bags under pressure (300 psi or greater) can result in splitting bags If splitting is going to occur, the problem usually occurs relatively soon after bagging (within a few days). Therefore, the objective of these storage tests was to add different feeds to allow for bagging under pressure with little risk of splitting the bags.

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